Kakegurui: Season 3 – Release date, news and what you need to know

kakegurui, better known as Compulsive Gambler, is without a doubt one of the best anime additions to your Netflix slate in recent times. Studio MAPPA’s footage and Yumeko’s terrifying actions led to the endless release of euphoria throughout Kakegurui’s run. Netflix added the second season in 2019, and although fans expected Kakegurui: Season 3 to arrive in 2022, they instead got an adaptation of the prequel manga, Kakegurui Twin.

Both the manga and anime series are popular around the world, and considering Netflix just released the prequel in August 2022, they haven’t overlooked the franchise’s potential. The first season of Kakegurui Twin is available to stream on the service, but oddly enough it only has 6 episodes, which is a pretty short list for any anime. We expect Netflix to announce the second season of Twin or 6 new episodes coming in the next few months.

Still, the prequel is just the icing on the adrenaline-pumping original anime, so here’s a quick look at when you can expect Kakegurui: Season 3.

When does Kakegurui: Season 3 come out?

Sadly, Netflix hasn’t confirmed that Kakegurui: Season 3 is in development, but that’s only part of the puzzle as they recently added a prequel manga series adaptation to their service.

Kakegurui’s production studio MAPPA is currently working on many mainstream anime series like Chainsaw Man, however if you look at their history they have always done multiple releases over the course of a year so the chances of Kakegurui : Season 3 releases for fall 2023 are look bright

Since both Kakegurui season 1 and 2 have 12 episodes each, we expect season 3 to follow the same pattern as well. At the same time, fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the third season episodes should note that before that happens, Netflix could announce more of Kakegurui Twin.

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What is Kakegurui: Season 3 about? (spoiler alert)

The latest episode of Kakegurui: Season 2 sent viewers off with an intense battle at the Gate Tower between Yumeko and Sayaka. Yumeko easily won the game, and that evidently earned her the respect of the Student Council President, Momobami Kirari.

Kakegurui: Season 3 will continue with the Student Council President Election Arc which will see Momobami putting her presidency on the line as bait to end Yumeko’s relentless winning streak. While for the next game, we cannot give a definite answer as the anime follows a completely different order than the manga. Studio MAPPA followed a totally original pattern, and while that’s the case, it’s still an undeniably awesome adaptation that’s very well put together.

That’s it for the news on Kakegurui: Season 3, but as the anime has yet to disappoint with its amazing visuals and engaging story, it’s a safe bet to say that the third season is not too far away.

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