Katherine Langford Rumored For MCU Role After Being Cut From Avengers: Endgame

Katherine Langford’s time in the MCU was cut short after her scene from Avengers: Endgame was cut, but it looks like she may get another chance.

Katherine Langford was almost a part of the ensemble avengers endgame cast, but later the filmmakers chose to remove her scene from the final cut. However, if the rumors are true, Langford could get another chance to join the MCU in a future project.

In avengers endgame, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark sacrificed his own life by harnessing the power of the Infinity Stones to defeat Thanos and his army. Before succumbing to his injuries, Tony Stark enters another realm, where he has the opportunity to speak with an older version of his daughter Morgan Stark and make peace with his fate before passing away.


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While Langford played the older Morgan Stark, her scene was eventually cut from A.avengers: endgame and is only available as bonus material on home media. Now, according to Screen Geek, Langford is in talks to return for a future MCU project. While it would be reasonable to assume that she is being eyed to play Morgan Stark, the outlet was unable to confirm what role Langford was supposedly after. As the outlet noted, because her only appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far is limited to a deleted scene, it’s possible that she could play an entirely different character if she joins the MCU.

While Langford’s scene was cut from avengers endgame, the Russo brothers have made it clear that their performance was not at all a factor in the decision. Instead, it turns out that test audiences didn’t really appreciate the sequence in part because most of them didn’t know who Langford was supposed to play. The directors also felt that the scene abruptly stopped the film only to serve essentially the same purpose as a later sequence in which an AI hologram of Tony Stark says goodbye to his young daughter.

Langford herself has managed to gain her own group of fans through her work on shows like 13 reasons why Y Damned. However, he arguably caught the attention of most moviegoers by playing one of the many members of the Thrombey family in knives out.

While Marvel Studios and Disney haven’t confirmed reports that Langford is in talks to join the MCU, it would certainly be nice for her to get another shot at joining the franchise. So fans will just have to wait and see if this rumor turns out to be true.

avengers endgame is now available on Disney Plus.

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Source: Screen Geek

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