Kevin Bacon doesn’t have ‘Friday the 13th’ the same way fans do

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many people see Friday the 13th as one of the biggest and most important horror movies of all time, but Kevin Bacon sees it as another job that helped him survive as a struggling actor.

The now esteemed actor had appeared in only a handful of projects before being cast as a camp counselor in Friday the 13th. His work was solid if a bit short; she is one of the first people killed by Mrs. Voorhees. We can understand if Bacon, at the time, thought little of acting for a pittance in a slasher set at summer camp, but even now, after Friday the 13thThe success and sequels of , does not hold it in high regard:

“It’s interesting because Friday the 13th it’s such a seminal movie for horror fans, but for me, it’s not something I necessarily keep at the top of my list of best performances or meaningful life experiences. I was a young actor, barely getting by in a shitty apartment in New York, and I got a job. Fortunately, it turned into something big, but at the time I didn’t see any importance to it. While this movie [They/Them]I found a level of importance right away because it was timely and I had something to say.”

they they it’s a slasher movie with cutting social commentary. Instead of a counselor, Bacon plays a camp owner whose purpose is to convert LGBTQ+ attendees. “My death in Friday the 13th It was the classic horror trope,” he said. entertainment weekly. “I had premarital sex and I got high right before I died, so you knew my character would get it. I think it’s really powerful that, in the last couple of years, we’ve started to change that and now we’re seeing horror being used as a tool for change.”

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Chew raw bacon on Friday the 13th before feasting on crispy bacon in they theywhich premiered today on Peacock.

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