King Of Fighters Has An NFT That Even SNK Doesn’t Want To Retweet

King of Fighters enters NFT in the midst of an unprecedented crypto crash.

In case you haven’t heard, cryptocurrencies and the NFTs that are backed by them have tanked quite a bit in recent weeks. BitCoin has lost a third of its value in the last month alone, while NFT trading volume is down more than 60 percent on OpenSea.

Apparently SNK didn’t get the memo because there is now a King of Fighters NFT project. Although, this crypto project may not have the full support of SNK.


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On Tuesday, a new Twitter account called “The king of crypto fightersreleased a trailer that didn’t really reveal much. We got more information in the text of the tweet, which claimed that it was “officially cleared by SNK” to offer King of Fighters NFT “to fight again in the Metaverse Arena.”

Of course, there are no details on which metaverse will actually use these NFTs, where these NFTs can be purchased, what type of NFTs will be offered, or at what price they will be offered. Presumably that information will come soon.

King of Fighters fans weren’t about to wait. They immediately panned the original tweet, with a Twitter user even accusing the new NFT project of being a scam. Supporting that accusation is the fact that much of the trailer uses freely available Unreal Engine assets that have been slightly modified with the King of Fighters logo.

A Twitter user also noted that The official SNK account deleted his retweet from the initial announcement of The King of Fighters Crypto. It’s impossible to say if it’s because it’s a scam and not really affiliated with SNK or because of fan backlash. The @CrtyptoKOF has now gone private and the only recent posts are simply photos of a representative at NFT NYC 2022which ends today.

As well as being an increasingly poor investment, NFTs are also very unpopular in video games. Gamer reaction has been resoundingly negative for a number of reasons, but the biggest one is how cryptocurrencies turn gaming into work.

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