Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All Hidden Waddle Dees in Natural Plains

There are some hidden Waddle Dees to find in the Natural Plains at Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Some locations are relatively easy to find, while other locations may be more difficult to discover.

Each of the six major worlds in Kirby and the Forgotten Land has four levels each with three to five specific hidden Waddle Dees to find. Rescuing these captured friends is often the reward for solving optional puzzles and finding secret areas.

Finding hidden Waddle Dees throughout the levels is the easiest way to increase your total Waddle Dee count and unlock everything Waddle Dee Town has to offer. The more you collect, the more shops and minigames will be unlocked in the hub.

Where to find all the hidden Waddle Dees in Natural Plains

There are 15 ducks hiding in the four non-boss stages in natural plains. For the sake of clarity, we’ve separated them from the 16 you find when completing the hidden quests in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Our hidden quests guide for Natural Plains can be found here.

All Waddle Dees hidden in Downtown Grassland

The first stage in Natural Plains has three hidden Waddle Dees to find. the same in Kirby and the Forgotten Land it’s hard to miss. After you defeat the first Wild Edge required boss, this Waddle Dee will appear as your reward.

When you enter the next area look to your right and you will see a ladder leading to the roof of a building. Go up the ladder. You will see a dome on the ceiling that requires Bite Mode to open. Do this to release another hidden Waddle Dee.

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The third and final hidden Waddle Dee in Downtown Grassland comes later in this same area. In front and to the left of the rooftop dome is another staircase that leads to a different rooftop. Here you will find a traffic cone suspended by vines. Drop the cone using the Sword or Cutter ability. Once the cone is free, return to surface level to inhale it. Use Cone Mouth to break the concrete back of the Tortorner wandering around this area.

All Waddle Dees hidden in Through the Tunnel

The second stage of Natural Plains has four hidden Waddle Dees to find.

The first Waddle Dee is in the secret tunnel room. To access the room, you need to be in the cavern with a dome and steel boxes on the wall. You will have to use Bite Mode on the dome to reveal a switch that destroys the crates. This reveals an entrance, and the hidden Waddle Dee is in a chest in the room beyond.

Later in the level, you will find more steel boxes in a room with a three-star door that will not allow you to return. Follow the path of the coins and the platform to a secret passage that will lead you to a bomb block above the crates. Attack the bomb block and the crates will reveal another Waddle Dee below.

In the next room, there will be a fuse puzzle on the floor. Light the fuse and follow the rope to a cannon that will launch you to where the next Waddle Dee is hidden.

The last Waddle Dee in Through the Tunnel is another but more complex fuse puzzle, requiring you to use ladders to get to the canyon. To avoid putting the ladders on the fuse, use bite mode to move them to the right of the cannon. Here you should be able to climb up and reach the platform to get the last one in Through the Tunnel.

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All the Hidden Waddle Dees on Rocky Rollin’ Road

The third stage in Natural Plains also has four hidden Waddle Dees to find. The first hidden Waddle Dee in Rocky Rollin’ Road is a reward for completing the Ranger tutorial. You’ll see a ranger hawking weapons near a floating target at the beginning of the stage. Inhale and hold the attack button while aiming to shoot the target. Destroy nearby blocks to reveal this one.

The next Waddle Dee will be found in a similar way. As you cross a bridge, you will see a Ranger in front of you and a target in the background. Inhale for the copy ability and shoot the target to spawn a cloud bridge to the room where your captured friend is. There is a target practice minigame in this room that you need to complete. The reward is the second hidden Waddle Dee.

The third Waddle Dee is a bit tricky compared to what has come so far. You will see a blue switch at the end of the section where Kirby is running away from a rock. You must hit the switch before the rock destroys it, or you won’t be able to get this hidden Waddle Dee. If you do it in time, you’ll be on the bench near a hotdog after the cutscene.

The final hidden Waddle Dee on Rocky Rollin’ Road is pretty easy to find. Once you have the ability to copy the car in bite mode, just follow the raised ramps, speed up and jump to crash into the weak side of the building. The Waddle Dee is caged inside.

All Waddle Dees hidden in Trip to Alivel Mall

The fourth stage of Natural Plains has four hidden Waddle Dees to find. The first hidden Waddle Dee in Alivel Mall is found right after you get the Invincible Candy. Move your invincible little self down the hallway ahead to hit the bomb block to your left. This will reveal a stairway to the second floor where the Waddle Dee takes place. The faster you go, the less you have to worry about all the enemies due to the invincible power up.

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In the next room, you need to swallow a storage locker using bite mode to reveal a map that shows the solution to the puzzle ahead of you. The trap room ahead has three exits, but two lead to enemy rooms. The map shows you that the path under the hamburger sign is safe. The next Waddle Dee is another reward for solving this puzzle.

The next hidden Waddle Dee is in the conveyor belt room with the spikes in the center. There are burning barrels in the upper left corner. You will need to have the Ice Copy ability or inhale a nearby Frosty to destroy the barrels and reveal a ladder that leads to a blue switch. Flip the switch and the Waddle Dee is yours.

The last hidden Waddle Dee in Natural Plains is in the next trap room. Here you have to activate the snack mode again on the lockers to reveal a map, but this time it is missing a piece. Shows a left arrow under a cake.

The problem is that there are several cake signs on this floor. Go all the way to the right side of the area to find another locker blocking a room door. The last puzzle piece is inside the room and it shows you that the exit is in front of the ice cream parlor.

And that’s all the hidden Waddle Dee locations in Natural Plains. For more information Kirby and the Forgotten Landas a complete list of each current code we know so far, check out our other Kirby and the Forgotten Land guides

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