Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All Waddle Dees Hidden in Wondaria Remains

Finding the deviously hidden Waddle Dees is one of the main ways to progress in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Like all other worlds except the last one, Wondaria Remains has over a dozen locations to find.

Finding Waddle Dees gives Kirby more upgrade options and useful shops to purchase items. But most importantly, they serve as the main challenge and fun of the game. If some of them have you stumped, this is where you can find all the Hidden Waddle Dees located in World 3, Wondaria Remains.

Where to find all the hidden Waddle Dees in Wondaria Remains

There are 17 Hidden Waddle DeeIt’s to find in the four regular stages of Wondaria Remains. Some of them are obvious but require dexterity and secret strategy. Others are hidden in the most innocuous corners of a level.

Use the links below to jump to each level:

All Waddle Dees hidden in Welcome to Wondaria

There are four hidden Waddle Dees on the Welcome to World 3 Wondaria stage.

Welcome to Wondaria Waddle Dee 1

In the second area of ​​the level with the parade robots, you can find a red switch. Pressing it will spawn the first Waddle Dee and start a timer. Make your way to the opposite side of the area in time to reach it.

Welcome to Wondaria Waddle Dee 2

There will be two exits to the next room. Take the ladder up to the one on the right and you’ll end up next to a roller coaster track where Kirby can go to Coaster Mouth. This sequence has you bend over to collect coins and flip switches. The final blue switch for the sequence is to your left just before the end. Hitting it will open the cage where the second Hidden Waddle Dee resides.

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Welcome to Wondaria Waddle Dee 3

The next area has purple spinning platforms with carnival rides. Look for one of these platforms that leads to a stable platform on the left with a blue switch. Hit the switch and your next Hidden Waddle Dee will spawn on the next turntable.

Welcome to Wondaria Waddle Dee 4

The last Waddle Dee from Welcome to Wondaria can be found while cleaning the muddy fountain. As Water-Balloon Kirby, you don’t have to clean every inch of mud from the fountain to progress to the end of the level, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a hidden friend.

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All Waddle Dees hidden in Circuit Speedway

There are four hidden Waddle Dees at the Circuit Speedway level of Wondaria Remains.

Speedway Waddle Dee Circuit 1

Win the first Hidden Waddle Dee of the Speedway by coming first in the race at the start. You will have to complete it in less than 25 seconds using Turbo Boosts and jumping.

Waddle Dee 2 Speedway Circuit

In the area after the race, you’ll need to roll a bomb down a ramp to hit a blue switch. Doing so will open up a challenge area. This room contains a more complicated bomb and switch puzzle that you must solve by safely timing your bomb from one platform to the next. This will detonate on the switch, opening the door where the second Waddle Dee can be found.

Speedway Waddle Dee Circuit 3

There will be a gate that will take you to the next stage after you fight a wild edge in the middle of the stage. Look to the right of the door. You will see a secret passage hidden behind some grass. This will take you directly to Circuit Speedway’s third Hidden Waddle Dee.

Speedway Waddle Dee Circuit 4

Circuit Speedway’s fourth and final Hidden Waddle Dee is earned by coming in first in the second race. The best way to do this is by using shortcuts. We outline where to find the big ones in our Wondaria Remains Hidden Quests guide..

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All Waddle Dees hidden in Invasion at the House of Horrors

There are four hidden Waddle Dees in the Invasion stage in the House of Horrors.

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Waddle Dee House of Horrors Invasion 1

The first one in the House of Horrors can be found on a slightly dark path to the right, just before you enter the exit door of the first section. You’ll find a floating box that alternates between an image of a Waddle Dee and an image of a Pointy Fatty. Attack him when the Waddle Dee appears.

Waddle Dee House of Horrors Invasion 2

The next two are in the dark room where you use Light-Bulb Mouth Kirby to progressively light up the area. Eventually you will see an arrow sign pointing to a set of stairs with an energy drink at the top. Jump towards the drink and then jump left to the top of the stairs. From there you will see a platform on the left with a secret door to a challenge room.

The room gives you the Cutter ability and a puzzle with another box of Waddle Dee and Gordo. After picking up the cutter, send an attack through the hole in the fence and hold B. Run to the other side parallel to the box to bring the cutter back towards you.

Hit the box on the way. Make sure the box has alone turned into the Waddle Dee icon when you release the button.

Waddle Dee House of Horrors Invasion 3

At the end of the dark section, there is a hidden path to the right of the exit door. There is a battery in there that you need to turn on and charge to unleash a hidden Waddle Dee. Load it up and release it when the meter fills up. If you hold it a second longer, the Fat Ghost in the room will hit you.

Waddle Dee House of Horrors Invasion 4

There are three cardboard aliens that will appear in a row to your left during the Mouth section of the vending machine at the end of House of Horrors. Stand directly in front of them and shoot them all. They are obscuring the last Hidden Waddle Dee.

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All the Waddle Dees hidden in The Wondaria Dream Parade

There are five hidden Waddle Dees in the Wondaria Dream Parade level.

Wondaria dream parade waddle dee 1

The first Waddle Dee is fairly easily spotted to your left before you go through the star gate that takes you to the second part of the level. This one can be found floating in a cage in front of a spiked pit that you need to float over.

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Wondaria Dream Parade Waddle Dee 2

Look for three robots hanging around on a platform in the muddy area. Below them is a hidden door. The room has a secret race track and you need to beat it within 5.5 seconds to win the Waddle Dee.

The trick is not to inhale the car first. Instead, inhale the cone in front of the car. Back up and punch down on the crack in the floor behind the car to reveal a switch. Hitting this switch creates a major shortcut that will allow you to complete the race in under 5 seconds.

Wondaria Dream Parade Waddle Dee 3

The third Hidden Waddle Dee is at the end of the muddy section of Dream Parade. Inhale the enemy that gives you the Tornado ability on the last big raised platform before the exit. You will see this ahead. Hold forward and the attack button (B) to reach a small platform above the hole where the exit door takes you.

Wondaria Dream Parade Waddle Dee 4

Later in the level, you’ll see a faucet where you can suck up water just before a horizontal parade of robots enters. There is a gap and a cracked wall before the parade. Shoot the big robots against the wall using your water spray as a water balloon mouth Kirby. This will weaken the wall and reveal the next Hidden Waddle Dee.

Wondaria Dream Parade Waddle Dee 5

The final Waddle Dee of Wondaria Remains is in the section where you run towards the screen from the robots. About halfway through, look for a hole in the ground on the right side of the screen. This one will have a switch that will open another hole in the lower left corner of the platform where Waddle Dee is waiting to be rescued.

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And that’s where you find all the Hidden Waddle Dees in Wondaria Remains. We have locations for natural plains and Eternal Bay Coast, so head there if you’re looking for those. For more information on how to find the hidden secrets of Kirby and the Forgotten Landincluding tutorials for hidden missions, check out our dedicated guide hub.

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