Laptop sales: crazy price for this 17 inch with RTX 3070 and i7!

News good plan Laptop sales: crazy price for this 17 inch with RTX 3070 and i7!

Want to play wherever you are or a PC capable of holding up on recent games without having to break the bank? So focus on laptops and in particular on this 17-inch ACER equipped with a beautiful Nvidia RTX 3070 card on sale at 1249 €.

No need to try to hide it, this ACER laptop is definitely a PC dedicated to gaming. Its chassis definitely contrasts with its sports car appearance.

In any case, it’s a large model with its 17-inch screen, not quite ideal for transport, but with its characteristics, we won’t complain.

The latter is currently on sale at a crazy price, since from 1,519 €, it will reach 1,249 €.

Buy the AN517 at 1249€ at Cdiscount

One would think that its components will not be particularly interesting and that we will not be able to play properly at this price, yet the latter is perfect for gaming.

If you are a Cdiscount at will member, know that you can benefit from an additional discount of 100 €, from 999 € of purchase during the sales. Basically, this ACER AN517 laptop will only cost €1,149 once the code is redeemed.

Insofar as you are not yet subscriber to Cdiscount at willbe aware that this is a loyalty program 29 € per year with 6 days free trial and which makes you benefit from special discounts, such as express and free delivery or even a kitty on your purchases and many other advantages.

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A 17-inch laptop with a very solid configuration

For the screen, ACER has decided to think big with its 17.3-inch Full HD LED panel at 144 Hz. To use this beautiful screen as it should, you can count on a good range of components.

In particular, an Nvidia RTX 3070 card with 8 GB GDDR6 and capable of letting you use Ray-Tracing or even DLSS on the most recent titles without any problem.

Otherwise, we can take advantage 16 GB of RAM (dual 8 GB modules) and an excellent Intel Core i7 11800H processorable to go up to 4.6 GHz in Turbo mode.

It should also be noted that it has a storage space of 512 GB in the form of an M.2 SSDbut also a consistent connectivity, excellent DTS:X Ultra stereo sound and finally a backlit keyboard optimized for gaming.

Buy the AN517 at 1249€ at Cdiscount

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