Latest ‘Game of Thrones’ news: What would Milly Alcock look like as MCU’s Gwen Stacy, and should ‘House’ be funnier?


If you were to ask their most devoted fans, house of the dragon it’s perfectly paced with not so much as a lost filler sequence that ruins its prospects. But the fact that the prequel show follows in the footsteps of a great predecessor and airs in roughly the same period as Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power he was bound to draw comparisons sooner or later.

As audiences contemplate whether this prelude revolving around the Targaryen dynasty should be any more fun, other parts of the fandom are already busy determining Milly Alcock’s next big role, now that she’s being replaced by Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra in starting this week. We have all this and more for you in today’s summary of game of Thrones news, so read on without further ado.

There is no way to stop ‘House’ in display charts

Image via HBO

If we are perfectly honest, there was nothing to guarantee house of the dragonHBO’s success after HBO dropped the ball in the finale game of Thrones season. And yet, it seems that the prequel has managed to impress audiences to such an extent that it continues to break records day after day. Following the announcement that the series was averaging 30 million viewers in the United States alone, Nielsen has now reported that House modified its season premiere too late in its second week by amassing 909 million minutes of viewing time, not only stealing the top spot but also being the first series to achieve such a feat so soon after its debut.

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Fans imagine Milly Alcock as Gwen Stacy and now we can’t get the image out of our heads.

Milly Alcock as Gwen Stacy
Image: HBO Max / Marvel Comics

Gwen Stacy is sure to appear in the MCU in the near future, so what if the online community took it upon herself to cast the perfect actress for the role? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time, but there’s something about this latest fan art that we just can’t shake. Alcock has more than demonstrated her acting skills by appearing in the first house of the dragon season, playing a nuanced character like Rhaenyra Targaryen, no less, so a female superhero in the MCU should practically be a walk in the park. The internet has spoken, Kevin Feige. Make the call!

Fans wonder if ‘House’ should be funnier, like ‘Game of Thrones’

Image via HBO

Westeros has always been a bleak, dark world of betrayal, backstabbing, and tragic incidents, but the original series tended to maintain a comedic undertone that balanced out the seriousness of the drama. house of the dragon It’s clearly lacked that flavor until now, but does it need to incorporate it? Fans seem to be debating this point on the official subreddit, though opinions vary. One thing is for sure; House he will never be able to imitate the comic lines of Tormund Giantsbane, nor present a character half as charismatic as the free-spirited savage.

Only two days left until the sixth house of the dragon episode, so as usual be sure to tune in tomorrow for more updates on the world of Westeros.

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