Latest Marvel News: Brie Larson Reveals Awkwardness On Set As ‘The Marvels’ Director Gets Upset With ‘Endgame’

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Another day, another makes of Marvel Cinematic Universe reflections, rumors and speculations. Those who dislike Brie Larson may take a wicked joy in discovering what made the actress so uncomfortable filming. the wonderswhile the director of the sequel, Nia DaCosta, admitted that a controversial scene from avengers endgame. Elsewhere, Sword is rumored for the period piece treatment, with fans rallying around one of the most bumbling heroes of the Marvel Studios era.

brie larson reveals the wonders awkward, but at least she stayed off

brie larson captain marvel
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In an ironic twist of fate that sums up a certain section of the internet’s relationship with Brie Larson in microcosm, the Academy Award winner and MCU mainstay called out her detractors last week, which instantly ratcheted up the volume. negative reaction on social media against her. Thankfully, her most recent awkward moment has nothing to do with the raging keyboard warriors, but rather the increased time she spent tied to a wire platform on the set of the wonders be thrown in front of a green screen with reckless abandon, leaving us wondering if she’ll ever get the CGI hair treatment like she did in avengers endgame.

the wonders The director doesn’t care about the A-Force montage, and she’s not alone.

avengers endgame one force

The infamous A-Force scene from avengers endgame continues to demonstrate polarization, and now we can add the filmmakers of the franchise to that list. the wonders Director Nia DaCosta admitted she was “annoyed” at having all of the franchise’s most prominent heroes united for just a few seconds of screen time, in a moment that felt so aggregated she might as well have winked at the camera to posterity before going into battle. Side to side.

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The Daywalker is rumored to slice and dice his way through the 20th century.

Sheet II
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An intriguing new rumor surfaced over the weekend, claiming that the next Sword reboot will be a period piece that takes place between 1900 and 1980. Although Mahershala Ali’s Daywalker has technically already debuted via an off-screen voice cameo in eternalThere’s no reason why the two-time Oscar winner’s long-awaited solo film can’t see him slice and dice his way through the first eight decades of the last century. If anything, he would instantly establish that the film is completely unique in the grand calculus of the MCU multiverse, and allow it to operate freely from the pesky clutches of ironclad canon.

Don’t Tell Kevin Feige But People Think Black Bolt Is Cool

black bolt
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Memes aren’t exactly a barometer of truth or general opinion, but it’s also not unreasonable to say that Kevin Feige’s disdain for the Inhumans becomes more and more apparent every time the Marvel Studios boss drives another nail into his canonical. coffin. However, in a rise from the books that no one saw coming, fans rallied right behind Anson Mount’s Black Bolt in praising the character for his incredible skill set and impressive abilities. Of course, after his head was blown from the inside out in Doctor strange in the multiverse of madnessit’s a little late to sing his praises.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another regularly scheduled roundup of the day’s biggest Marvel-related talking points.

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