Latest Marvel News: ‘She-Hulk’ Releases Its Most Disappointing Episode Yet As Season 2 Hopes Rise For Another MCU Series

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Well, that’s what we get for getting our hopes up. After last week’s episode ended with a big promise that Daredevil would be coming next time, this Thursday’s episode She-Hulk: Lawyer The installment decided to troll the public by offering a “standalone wedding episode” instead of the superhero team we were all excited about. In happier news, the chances of another MCU series getting a sophomore run are skyrocketing. Let’s dive into another Wonderful news roundup!

Shulkie Skips Daredevil, Making Fans Cranky

reckless she-hulk lawyer at law
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We all know that Marvel lovers are completely reasonable and laid back when it comes to Reckless, so they’ve been totally chilled by the fact that he was nowhere to be seen on this week’s show. she-hulk. Yes, and Iron Fist is more popular than Iron Man. No, of course Twitter was furious after episode six came out and it’s fair to say that most found this to be the most disappointing episode of the season. Credit to the show’s crew for pulling off such a bold move, though. They definitely knew the backlash they were going to incite with this one.

mrs wonder second season, is that you?

more wonder
Image via Marvel Studios

On the brighter side of things, it looks like maybe we can get ready to see more of Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan in mrs wonder the second season. Adil El Arbi, fresh from the blow of his Bat girl movie being canned, finally shared a positive update today, asking fans on Instagram, “who’s ready for season 2?” We know that Kamala will return next summer the wondersbut it looks like his adventures will continue after that in a second edition of his own show.

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New warriors, we hardly knew you

David Pasquesi as Mr Immortal in She-Hulk: Lawyer
Image via Disney Plus

Not content with denying us Daredevil, she-hulk Episode six also quietly removed any opportunity for a comic book super team to enter the MCU. This week’s wacky new client for Jen’s law firm was Mr. Immortal, an old man who keeps hanging out (through windows) with his spouses. Actually, he’s a total makeover of a teenage hero who was supposed to appear in the new warriors TV show that Freeform was developing a few years ago, so don’t hold your breath for that property to get the born again treatment.

Does anyone know how to write a movie? the guy who writes Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is asking…

He who remains in Loki
Image via Disney Plus

A few weeks after it was officially confirmed that Destin Daniel Cretton would direct Avengers: The Kang Dynastythe fifth avengers flick just found a screenwriter in the form of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniaby Jeff Loveness. Following the news, Loveness, yet another example of Marvel storming the rick and morty writers room after she-hulkby Jessica Gao and LokiMichael Waldron shared the perfect reaction on Twitter. “Hey, how do you write a movie?” he asked. It seems that the film is in good hands.

Check back tomorrow for your next Marvel news roundup.

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