Latest Sci-Fi News: Netflix Customers Are Wondering If They Should Expect All Shows To Be Canceled Now

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Hollywood just doesn’t want to give up the practice of rebooting old franchises, even if the last attempt goes back no more than a couple of years. At least we know that some IP will never die, unlike shows or movie series that premiere on Netflix, because the streaming giant loves nothing more than to throw them under the bus as soon as they realize they’re not bringing the same numbers as Wednesday either Strange things.

Meanwhile, as we get closer to the premiere of the mandalorian season 3 on Disney Plus, we have decided to take a trip down memory lane and list some of the most badass characters to don the beskar on. Star Wars history.

Netflix subscribers should probably wait for a show’s second or third season, and even then, there’s a risk of cancellation.

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The recent cancellations of 1899 Y warrior nun remains a sore subject for many Netflix customers. This isn’t the first time the company has canceled a large number of projects without regard for their dedicated fanbases, though it does raise the question of whether the company should take a more ethically viable approach towards some of its less popular shows. It’s not just the time and energy that we fans spend watching these works. Every time an original is kept, it also means that quite a few people lose their jobs, not to mention that the work they have already done will have been wasted.

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Now a couple of intriguing new originals have recently hit the streaming platform, but it would be wise to approach them with caution. Because if Netflix is ​​willing to cancel movies that are already full, what chance does your favorite sci-fi/fantasy show have?

tomb Raider It’s Being Rebooted As A Marvel Cinematic Universe, And Yes It’s As Stupid As It Sounds

tomb Raider
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We’ve lost count of the number of times Lara Croft’s story has been rebooted in different media. Now, it seems like only four years after 2018 tomb Raider starring Alicia Vikander, Miss Croft returns as a multimedia venture under Amazon Studios, with flea bagPhoebe Waller-Bridge’s helming the production.

With Fall out, mass effect, God of War, UnexploredY warhammer 40k Secured and in development, it looks like Amazon is poised to become the unrivaled champion of video game adaptations, though how each of these franchises will look good on small screens based on the company’s terrible track record is another matter. I mean, while Waller-Bridge is an amazing writer, don’t expect a The last of usHBO grade adaptation.

A ranking of the best Mandalorians in Star Wars Canyon

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Thanks to the enlarged Star Wars universe, or more specifically, every project that has Dave Filoni’s name in the credits, we’ve had plenty of adventures with the Mandalorians over the years. Whether talking about iconic clone wars characters or even our very own Din Djarin, here’s a ranking of the greatest Mandalorians in the galaxy far, far away based on all the incredible feats they did when they were around.

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