Latest ‘Star Wars’ News: Fans Debate Luke’s Original Trilogy Power Levels As We Rank The Best Jango Fett Clones

It’s been a quiet day for Star Wars fans, but as always there is much to discuss. Today, fans have spent time solving the age-old question of how powerful a Jedi Luke was during the original trilogy, while one of our resident experts curates the prequel-era movies and TV shows to highlight the best. Jango Fett clones.

Was Luke really a Jedi in the original trilogy?

Luke Skywalker - Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
Image via Lucasfilm

the phantom menace he saw the Jedi Masters debating whether they should accept Anakin Skywalker, as he was considered too old to begin Jedi training. That always felt awkward against the original trilogy, since Luke started training him when he was much older than Anakin. Beyond that, Luke received only the briefest of training from an elderly Obi-Wan, and while Yoda took over, Dagobah isn’t a patch on the training facility at the Jedi Temple.

So it’s no big surprise that fans are wondering just how powerful Luke was when he faced Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. They note that Vader himself admitted that Luke was “more impressive”. But that can be impressive just by the metric of someone who has had little traditional training.

Perhaps at the time of the original trilogy, “official” Jedi ranks were irrelevant. Although most agree that Luke became a Jedi Master, but since no one is around to officially bestow the title on him, what does it really matter?

Which clone comes out first?

Star Wars: Rebels/Disney Plus

Jango Fett has a lot to answer for. His decision to allow his genetic material to be used to create the Clone Army resulted in thousands of genetically identical soldiers being spread throughout the galaxy. But, like anyone who has dipped their toe in Star Wars You know, just because they share a genome doesn’t mean all clones are the same.

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Our ranking, courtesy of a deep dive by Nahila Bonfiglio, spans characters from The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch, rebels and the movies. There are no prizes for guessing which clone comes out on top, as Boba Fett remains one of the most popular characters in the franchise, with Jango Fett actor Temuera Morrison repeating his Attack of the clones role in the mandalorian Y boba fett book.

However, some of the darker options may surprise you. Did you know that there is a female clone of Jango in the bad batch? Or the unexpectedly kind Waxer from The Clone Wars? The full list is worth a look, and a reminder that while they’re all “sons of Jango Fett,” the apple may just fall off the tree.

That’s another week of Star Wars news below. As we move into October, we’re excited for more Andor and eager for more news about the tales of the jedi Serie. That’s set to flesh out the backstories of characters like Count Dooku and Mace Windu (among others), so expect some new trivia tidbits about our favorite Jedi.

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