Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Jen Landon Shows Us The Ropes While Fans Still Can’t Get Enough Of The Season 5 Trailer

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Happy Friday, yellow stone fans! We’re finally at the end of a long week, ready to sit by the campfire, listen to some soulful tunes, and drink a Rip Wheeler-style beer or two. It’s the ranch road after the job is done! Today, in the Taylor Sheridan universe, we have Jen Landon teaching us the ropes and an ongoing discussion from fans as well as cast and crew about the season 5 trailer that we can’t stop talking about. Some trailers stand out above the rest; they’re so detailed and intricately crafted that they steal your attention, and we’re just saying this because we’re big yellow stone fans, but the season 5 trailer is one of them. So kick off your work boots, slip into something cozier, and pick your favorite person to sit around the fire. We’ll get the hypothetical s’mores, and let’s talk. yellow stone!

Jen Landon is showing us the ropes

In a new snapshot shared on Instagram, Jen Landon looks ready to return to the ranch as everyone’s favorite ranch hand, Teeter. Teeter burst onto the scene with pink hair, a thick accent, and a heart of gold. She could handle horses, fix things around the ranch, and cook interesting soup like no one else. She is robust, tough, and has a unique brand of compassion for those around her; she is the breath of fresh air that the ranch needed.

She’s also brave and capable, and when the girls were asked…uh, told to leave the ranch when things started to get a little noisy, she stood up for herself and her beliefs. She wore the brand, she became part of the family. , and she wasn’t going to let the questionable decisions of others affect her pace.

She displayed a level of dedication and loyalty that stood out above the rest, and we fell in love with her all over again when she let everyone know that she was not being victimized by their games.

In the new snapshot, taken by Jefferson White, she is practicing her rope skills and she looks fabulous doing it. The definition and muscle tone in her arms are incredible, and she’s ready to take on whatever comes to the Duttons in the upcoming season, and there will be a lot coming her way.

Season 5 Trailer Still Has Everyone Talking

When the Season 5 trailer debuted, it sent shockwaves through fans around the world. We knew great things would happen when the new episodes premiered, but we weren’t sure what caliber we’d see initially.

Taylor Sheridan is not coming to play. He appears to tell stories, exciting, emotional and remarkable in general. He has a voice and a gift for taking all the elements we crave and turning them into a beautiful experience that you can’t miss.

When we see our favorite Duttons in Season 5, we’re seeing them from a new perspective. John Dutton is sworn in as governor while Beth Dutton is ready to get back to work.

We also see the ranch hands, ready as ever, to jump on a horse or truck at a moment’s notice and fight to protect the family we love. Ranchers and cowboys are the best storytellers of yellow stone. Bringing what could be a mundane job to life and turning it into exciting story pieces that are already at the next level.

We can’t talk about the trailer without mentioning how powerful and fierce Beth Dutton looks in it, especially in this scene that fans can’t stop talking about. Seriously, can we be her?

You didn’t think we’d talk about season 5 without mentioning the elephant in the room, did you? He is less of an elephant and more of an incinerator, but we digress. We’ve never seen this part of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch before, and as exciting as it is, it’s also a bit unnerving. They’re taking the train station to a new level this time, involving garbage bags and fire.

Advice to the wise: don’t cross paths with the Dutton family, you’d never make it out alive if you did, but season 5 brings new ways to dispose of your enemies. We sure don’t want to be one of them.

The trailer also gave a thumbs up to new characters entering the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, with fans immediately recognizing them. It wasn’t a long look, but you may have seen the start of a music festival. Lainey Wilson joins the season as a musician named Abby, and we’ll likely meet her character during the episode with the musicians.

Fans also pointed out that a band they love will be a part of the series at that same festival. Shane Smith and The Saints were the musical act on stage during that clip, and fans quickly took to social media to give them a shout out!

Music has always played an important role in yellow stone series, but with new talent coming to the series soon and Luke Grimes working on a country album of his own, we know he’ll continue to play an integral role on the show.

So if this new look at Yellowstone is all you’ve been thinking about, you’re clearly not alone. We have yet to see a trailer that evokes such extreme emotion in us. From holding our breath to holding on to our pearls and diving into all the Rip and Beth romance we could possibly have; We’ve already seen it an embarrassing number of times.

Here’s to the Dutton family we know and love, the way this season will affect their enemies, the characters we haven’t fallen in love with yet but surely will, and the ever-evolving story of a man who made a promise. that you intend to keep, forever, no matter the cost.

Don’t forget that season 5 of yellow stone kicks off with a two-hour television event on November 13. We recommend canceling all your plans and tuning in; you don’t want to miss a second.

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