League of Legends Blitzcrank could soon be terrorizing the top lane

League of Legends Blitzcrank can be an absolute threat as a support, they have a long range pull and a takedown that if it lands can spell death for just about anyone. Riot has implemented some changes to the MOBA PBE that would give the Great Steam Golem more dueling power and faster clear, meaning they could easily play top lane or even jungle.

Blitzcrank Changes

Basic statistics

  • Base Attack Speed: 0.625 > 0.65
  • Attack Speed ​​Ratio: 0.625 > 0.7

Overdrive (W)

  • Attack Speed: 30-62% > 40-92%
  • Mana Cost: 75 > 85
  • [NEW] During this time, attacks deal 1% of the target’s maximum health as magic damage on hit. There is no maximum damage limit. This also deals bonus damage to structures.

Power Fist (E)

  • Mana Cost: 25 > 40
  • AP Scaling: +25% AP
  • [NEW] Now deals an additional +150% total AD and +125% AP as physical damage to non-champions, this includes structures.

Static Field (R)

  • Max stacks: 3 > uncapped
  • Passive Damage AP Scaling: 30% > 30/40/50%

Blitz having max health damage on his cars, a shield as a passive, and unlimited stacks on his ult makes dueling a terrifying prospect. He adds both types of CC, a ranged pull and a takedown, and it could mean shield-reliant champions like Sett could struggle. The only saving grace for anyone going up against Blitz is that his mana pool is so low that even one ability rotation could cause them to fall back.

A Riot dev commented on the Reddit post about these changes: “I’m here to warn everyone. Captain Gameplay made us try this out a lot. It will give a lot of players LP (one way or another).”

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It’s hard to see at this point how effective these changes have been, and even if those changes will make it to the live game, but it’s certainly an interesting prospect, at least in the sense that I never want to face it. Ever.

For the changes that went live recently, we have the League of Legends 12.18 patch notes: Udyr and Maokai refined their recent mid-range updates and seem to be in a decent spot. There are also a bunch of new skins being released, like the League of Legends Fright Night skins, so take the time now to see how much you’ve spent on League of Legends so far. I don’t want to break the bank just to look creepy, you know?

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