League of Legends: this item changes for the first time in 7 years! We will explain everything to you

news tip League of Legends: this item changes for the first time in 7 years! We will explain everything to you

League of Legends is a game that changes the way it works very often. Every two to three weeks, it updates and brings changes to the stats of the champions, items, and runes that make up the game. However, some items have hardly ever been changed since the start of Riot’s MOBA Games. This is the case of the one we are going to talk about today.

We told you many times, it is extremely difficult to balance a game like League of Legends. Between its more than 160 champions (all with several spells), its many objects, its runes and even its more global elements such as towers, minions or dragons, the MOBA of Riot Games is a veritable anthill that is sometimes difficult to manage. Still, some aspects haven’t changed much, if at all, since the game was released over 10 years ago. This is the case, for example, with certain summoner spells such as Purge or Flash (= Flash in VO), but also some items like the health potion. In the next patch 12.14, which should be released overnight, the latter will however undergo a nerf. We will explain everything to you.


  • Simple and efficient
  • You fell into it when you were little

Simple and efficient

The health potion is one of the oldest and most classic items in League of Legends. Even if you’ve never touched the game, you can almost certainly guess what it’s for. For only 50 gold, it allows your champion to regenerate 150 health points in a few seconds. This very basic operation had not changed since the 5.22 update in November 2015, 7 years ago, when the cost of purchasing the potion had been increased. In fact, looking at all the changes to the health potion since the inception of the game, we can see that it has only been changed 5 times, including last night’s update:

  • Update 12.14 (PBE): Health regeneration reduced from 150 to 100
  • Update 10.23 (November 2020) : Update icon
  • Update 5.22 (November 2015) : Cost increased from 35 gold to 50
  • Patch (November 2011) : Health regeneration reduced from 200 to 150; Duration reduced from 20 to 15 seconds
  • Patch (March 2011) : The regeneration effect no longer ends when a champion reaches max health, so if they take damage while still active, they will still heal.
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To be completely honest, the update from seven years ago might not even be considered a real change, since the increase in the cost of the potion came in accompaniment to the increase in the number of coins. gold granted to players at the start of the game. The most picky can therefore even say that the object has not changed since its first nerf in November 2011, almost 11 years ago! Tonight’s update will therefore mark an important turning point in the history of this simple and effective object.

You fell into it when you were little

League of Legends: this item changes for the first time in 7 years!  We will explain everything to you

By reducing the regenerative power of the health potion, Riot Games hopes to reduce the sustain (= ability of characters to heal their wounds and stay operational) of the majority of champions in the lane phase. According to the developers, this phase sometimes lacks dynamism, and modifying this small object would increase the number of round trips to the base in the event of too great a loss of life points.

A change that most certainly complements the durability update implemented a few months ago, which had already reduced the hit points of each character in the game, as well as their ability to heal themselves. Good or bad, time will tell.

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