Learn about the deep lore of The DioField Chronicle

DioField Chronicle, the upcoming real-time strategy RPG from Square Enix, has everything you want from the masters of fantasy storytelling. In addition to the unique, fast-paced combat, there’s also an intriguing story filled with warring factions, deep betrayals, and wonderfully realized characters with their own motivations, some of which they keep to themselves. Oh, and English accents. Lots of those.

Even before you enter the battlefield for the first time, there is already a rich history surrounding the island of DioField and the characters you will meet, and while you will learn more about the world and its people simply by playing, it is always good to know what that you are about to enter. Given the strategy element of the game, it’s very likely that having some background knowledge will come in handy. This is where a good deep dive into the story comes in and luckily we’re here to make it easy.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the deep and dark lore of The DioField Chronicle, to get you ready for the game’s launch. First, we’ll take a look at some of the main locations and factions, the heroes you’ll be controlling, and the villains you’ll be facing.

local color

The DioField in question is actually your home for the duration of the game, as your beloved DioField island is plunged into an age of darkness and uncertainty. Colonial attentions from distant powers and a reliance on modern magic have combined to create a tense and volatile atmosphere, tinged with the scent of war. After 200 years of peace and prosperity in the Kingdom of Alletain, under the rule of the Shaytham dynasty, things seem to have gone very badly for the island and its inhabitants.

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In part, this is due to the rich vein of Jade found in the Kingdom, a valuable and useful mineral coveted by wizards and sorcerers. This has drawn the attention of the Schoevian Empire and the Rowetale Alliance, two powerful entities that have sinister machinations for the humble Kingdom.

Players will be immersed in this magnificent tapestry of medieval, fantasy, and modern ideas and will be tasked with becoming its savior. As the ‘Blue Foxes’, an elite gang of mercenaries, you must control a diverse cast of skilled agents fighting for freedom and justice across the country.

historical tensions

DioField Island is the sixth largest island in the world: far from being a tiny offshoot, this enormous mass is littered with the remnants of an ancient race called the Argus, who occupied its lands long before humanity arrived. Middenfield is the political heart and figurative soul of the island, home to the royal capital of Alletain and Granvell Cathedral, and the rest of the island is divided into north, south, east and west regions, all with different cultures and quirks.

In addition to these regions, there are three main factions that you should know about once you dive deep into the game. The Kingdom of Alletain is the unifying force on the island, which is separated from the mainland of Rowetale by a stretch of ocean. For 200 years, his rule has been minimal and peaceful. This is where their loyalty lies.

The other two factions are the all-powerful Schoevian Empire of the mainland, which has a reputation clouded by the blood of war, and has set its sights on DioField Island for its abundance of jade, and the Rowetale Alliance, an amalgamation of the nations. on the continent of Rowetale who have reached a stalemate in their war with the Empire, and know that magic using Jade could be the key to victory.


One of the best elements of any narrative game is, without a doubt, the characters. They encompass the rules and traditions of the world around them, giving us a tangible reference rather than endless tomes of prose to read, which can leave the player cold. With The DioField Chronicle you will soon find yourself enveloped in the warmth of the various, very British characters.

The Blue Foxes are made up of four heads, a diverse group with varied skills and abilities. Andrias Rhondarson is the tousled-haired young soldier who acts as bodyguard to the fourth in line to the throne of the Sheytham dynasty. He is a cool, calm and resourceful leader with the ability to think several steps ahead of the enemy and an intimate knowledge of ancient sorcery. As the character you’ll be controlling for most of the game, you’ll get to know Rias pretty quickly.

Fredret Lester is the second leader of the Blue Foxes, and one who has a brotherly bond with Andrias due to the life-threatening situations the pair have faced from a young age. He is a deeply kind and honest man, but can sometimes be naive or obsessed with his own passions. An expert in infantry and horsemanship, he is a great physical addition to any team.

Iscarion Colchester is the son of a minor nobleman and the third chief of the Blue Foxes. He is aloof and tends to withdraw from others, but he will never ignore a person in need. His key skill is archery, which he has perfected during his time as a mercenary.

Waltaquin Redditch is the fourth head and a respected noblewoman of House Redditch. Prone to her arrogance and selfishness, she redeems herself with her grace and intelligence, which have allowed her to immerse herself in magical arts.

Throughout your travels through the Kingdom, you will meet hundreds of other characters, both friend and foe, and the other members of the Blue Foxes will soon prove themselves to you in battle.

The gritty, compelling and beautiful story of The DioField Chronicle is best explored in the game itself. Check it out now with the Standard or Deluxe Edition for PC via Steam.

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