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Lego Indiana Jones Codes

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Lego Indiana Jones Codes – Character Codes, Item Codes, and how to unlock characters and more – Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, OS X, PlayStation 2 – PS2, PlayStation 3 – PS3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox 360

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Lego Indiana Jones Codes – All

List of codes for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, OS X, PlayStation 2 – PS2, PlayStation 3 – PS3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox 360

Character Codes

  • canyon code: 04EM94
  • Belloq (desert) code: CHN3YU
  • Belloq (jungle) code: TDR197
  • Belloq (priest) code: VEO29L
  • Boxer code: 8246RB
  • british officer code: VJ5TI9
  • british troop code: DJ5I2W
  • British troop commander code: B73USA
  • Captain Katanga code: VJ3TT3
  • chatterlal code: ENW936
  • chucin code: 3NK48T
  • Colonel Dietrich code: 2K9RKS
  • colonel vogel code: 8EAL4H
  • Dancer code: C7EJ21
  • desert bulldozer code: 12N68W
  • desert enemy officer code: 2MK45O
  • Desert Masked Bandit code: N48SF0
  • Desert Ape Man code: 3RF6YJ
  • desert soldier code: 4NSU7Q
  • desert swordsman code: 1MK4RT
  • Donovan code: 3NFTU8
  • Dr. Schneider (desert) code: JSNRT9
  • Dr. Schneider (official) code: VMJ5US
  • enemy bazookaman code: S93Y5R
  • Enemy Bazookaman (different from above) code: MK83R7
  • enemy butler code: VJ48W3
  • enemy communications officer code: 1MF94R
  • enemy guard code: VJ7R51
  • Enemy Guard (Nepal) code: YR47WM
  • enemy officer code: 5.72E+63
  • enemy pilot code: B84ELP
  • fedora code: V75YSP
  • First official code: 0GIN24
  • grail knight code: NE6THI
  • Member of the Hovitos tribe code: H0V1SS
  • Indiana Jones (official) code: VJ85OS
  • Indiana Jones in disguise code: 4J8S4M
  • jungle guide code: 24PF34
  • kaokan code: WMO46L
  • Kazim (desert) code: 3M29TJ
  • Kazim (Venice) code: NRH23J
  • laoche code: 2NK479
  • maharaja code: NFK5N2
  • major toht code: 13NS01
  • cool ram code: FJUR31
  • pankot killer code: 2NKT72
  • pankot guard code: VN28RH
  • punjabi dignitary code: KD48TN
  • Punjabi village elder code: 46820
  • sherpa fighter code: VJ37WJ
  • sherpa gunner code: ND762W
  • slave boy code: 0E3ENW
  • bully code: VM683E
  • Chatterlal Thuggeecode: CNH4RY
  • thug priest code: T2R3F9
  • thug slaver code: VBS7GW
  • Willie DJ code: VK93R7
  • Willie pajamas code: MEN4IP
  • wuhan code: 3NSLT8
  • Young Indiana Jones: Collect all artifacts in Raiders of the Lost Ark episode
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Object Codes

  • artifact detector code: VIKED7
  • beep beep code: VNF59Q
  • character treasure code: VIES2R
  • disarm enemies code: VKRNS9
  • costumes code: 4ID1N6
  • fast construction code: V83SLO
  • fast digging code: 378RS6
  • Quick solution code: FJ59WS
  • Fertilizer code: B1GW1F
  • Ice rink code: 33GM7J
  • Invincibility code: B83EA1
  • packet sniffer code: VUT673
  • poop treasure code: WWQ1SA
  • regenerated hearts code: MDLP69
  • secret characters code: 3X44AA
  • silhouettes code: 3HE85H
  • super scream code: VN3R7S
  • super slap code: 0P1TA5
  • treasure x2 code: VM4TS9
  • treasure x4 code: VLWEN3
  • treasure x6 code: V84RYS
  • treasure x8 code: A72E1M
  • Treasure x10 code: VI3PS8
  • treasure magnet code: H86LA2

more unlockables

  • Ancient City Unlock: Collect all the artifacts in The Temple of Doom episode
  • Warehouse Unlock: Collect all artifacts in The Last Crusade episode

Unlock Han Solo

To unlock Han Solo you have to find all the dolls, we leave you this video guide so that you can easily reach their locations:

Lego Indiana Jones Codes – Video Guide

In case you are not clear using the codes, we leave you this video guide where you can see how they are used

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