Lenovo shows us a prototype laptop… without a screen

News hardware Lenovo shows us a prototype laptop… without a screen

The Mozi is a laptop prototype recently presented by Lenovo, and which has just received a Red Dot Design Award. His particuliarity ? It does not carry a screen, but a projector.

When we think of a laptop, we always think of a compact, foldable, equipped with a keyboard and a good size screen. Inside, of course, there are also all the components necessary for office or gaming use. But this proposal may well show more variations in the future.

This is, in any case, the message launched by the manufacturer Lenovo. He recently revealed a new type of portable PC prototype, more compact than ever. And for good reason !

Are you interested in a laptop without a screen?

The Mozi, that’s its name, has a very special look. When turned off, it looks like a rectangular block a few centimeters thick. A very thin keyboard can come out of the device, but there is no screen to speak of: it is a video projector that is integrated into the computer.

Therefore, if the user wants to use his portable PC, he must do so in a place where he can project the interface of his machine, ideally a white wall or a traditional projection screen. The idea is to be able to project different screen diagonals in order to respond to different contexts of use : personal work, public presentation, and so on.

A prototype stingy with details

awarded with a Red Dot Design Awardthis laptop concept doesn’t really give any additional details on how it is supposed to work. If we can assume that it is equipped with a short-throw projector, Lenovo’s designers do not really specify it. We only know that the device “displays an image by projection with low blue light emission”. The description, however, mentions “a separate screen on which the content is projected” while indicating that it is possible to use “another suitable surface, such as a wall” to stream computer content.

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“At the end of use, the keyboard is slid into the computer unit where it is stored safely thanks to magnets”ends the short description. The competition jury was probably won over by the Mozi’s ability to take up little space and make a “resource saving” without a screen. However, it is not certain that the manufacture and integration of a projector are more economical and more ecological, in particular if it requires the acquisition of an additional projection screen…

Will we see the Mozi one day in stores? Nothing is certain. For the moment, it is a simple prototype, which has the merit of proving that Lenovo is actively thinking about what the laptop of tomorrow could look like. It’s a good start.

In the immediate term, this proposal reminds us a little of this:

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