LG OLED: this best-selling 4K TV of 2021 is exceptionally sold off at €649

News good plan LG OLED: this best-selling 4K TV of 2021 is exceptionally sold off at €649

OLED technology is amazing, it’s true. The thing is, it’s also extremely expensive. As a result, almost all 4K OLED TVs are very high-end models, inaccessible to ordinary mortals. The A1 is an exception, an “entry into the top of the range”. Rue du Commerce has just launched a huge promo on the LG 48 A1, now is the time!

LG 48 A1: 4K OLED TV at a truly mind-blowing price

We explain a little further down what OLED technology is and the specifics of this TV. For the moment, let’s focus on the significant event that triggered the writing of this news: the price of OLED.

Propelled onto the television market in the mid-2010s, OLED technology was then very perfectible and above all very expensive. Year after year, OLED screens and their infinite contrast have become brighter, they hardly ever mark anymore, and prices have only gone down.

Logic would have it that the 2022 ranges follow this downward price trend. This is not the case.

The world situation is quite tense. This year, manufacturers had no choice but to offer their latest models with particularly high launch prices.

As a result, we will surely not find today’s prices for years. Stocks of 2021 models are running out and the latest models on the shelves are being sold off at even higher prices than what we saw on Black Friday, that is to say.

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Especially at Rue du Commerce! You will find on the French site LG A1, B1 and especially C1 at really crazy prices, while stocks last.

Today we talk more in depth about OLED TV the cheapest we’ve ever seen, the 48-inch LG A1but you can go further by clicking on the link below!

Buy the LG 48 A1 at €649 on Rue du Commerce

All there is to know about the LG A1: OLED TV for cheap, but excellent

Let’s start by recalling what OLED technology consists of. To make it short, OLED screens manage the feat of doing without a backlight panel (a panel of white diodes found on LED TVs).

The pixels of an OLED screen are said to be “self-emissive”, they emit their own light. Maybe it doesn’t seem like much said like that, but it allows prowess and a really crazy image quality.

  • The level of contrast is potentially “infinite”: since a black pixel is simply off, black is perfectly black.
  • More than bloomingthis kind of halo effect, a sort of light leak
  • The picture is overall more deep
  • The colors are much more loyal and above all more numerous than ever
  • The angles of view are increased.

In short, the OLED is a real small revolution, but this revolution is not free from defects. At the time of the first OLED screens, we saw for example a problem of “marking” of the panels. This problem is now a thing of the past thanks to technical progress, particularly around AI.

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The other major concern of the OLED… is its price. Techno is sublime but it is very complex, and therefore expensive, to produce.

Now is where the LG A1 comes in.

To make OLED more accessible, the Korean manufacturer, undeniably the international grand master of this technology, created this “entry into the high end” last year.

For this price, there is obviously no 120 Hz panel. It will be necessary to be satisfied with a frequency of 60 Hz. To accompany a frequency of 60 Hz, there is no point in having an HDMI 2.1 port. The LG 55A1 therefore has 3 HDMI 2.0 ports.

It will therefore be possible to fully enjoy the overwhelming majority of your games, even on next gen (Xbox Series and PS5). Why ? Because the A1 takes very well the 4K at 60 FPS and that rare are the titles that are able to push further. Even in a few years, we can hardly imagine that 4K 120 FPS will become the norm on this generation of consoles.

This small concession aside, the A1 has everything of a very high-end TV sold twice as much.

  • excellent connected TV interface which pairs with LG’s famous “Magic Remote”. Over to you Netflix, YouTube etc.
  • A AI at the topin particular on the improvement in 4K of the lower quality sources
  • License Dolby and HDR10 are in the game

In short, this smartTV from 48 inches (122 cm diagonal) plays in the big leagues.

If you can’t afford to put a 4-figure sum into a new TV but OLED fascinates you as much as we do, this is a really good deal.

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Buy the LG 48 A1 at €649 on Rue du Commerce

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