Lies of P: more accessible than Dark Souls?

Game News Lies of P: more accessible than Dark Souls?

The sensation of this Gamescom 2022 is undoubtedly Lies of P, also called the “bloodborne Pinocchio”. But why this name? How does it happen? And what to remember? We summarize it in 5 things to know!


  • Links to Bloodborne
  • When Sekiro invites himself into the gameplay
  • More permissive than a soul
  • The small differences with the Souls
  • What to expect next?

Links to Bloodborne

He is often said to be the heir to Bloodborne. The game is a souls-like, which takes place on a ground infested with enemies, on which we can spend the fruits of our fights and develop our character. Finally, as we explore, we arrive on a boss and the fight unlocks access to other areas. Lies of P fits perfectly with this game design in the same universe, on several points explained in the video, we notice similarities (cities, graphics, enemies, interfaces…).

When Sekiro invites himself into the gameplay

Another game that Lies of P was inspired by is Sekiro. Pinocchio, the main character, has several weapons and accessories for his left arm. By choosing different models of prostheses, this one allows to change the type of weapon and the combat approach (more details in the video), as in Sekiro. The game offers three levels of mastery that can upgrade prostheses and get additional skills.

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More permissive than a soul

It seems that the game is more permissive than a classic Souls. For example, if we take the guard system, we take a little damage, but we can recover it right after by attacking. A good way to survive the environment around you more easily. There are also hubs that allow you to take breaks, teleport and other things that should limit player frustration. We also notice an additional bar on the interface, which, once loaded, would make it easier to help fight a boss, just to put the odds on our side.

The small differences with the Souls

What changes compared to other Souls is that in the menus of the game, the weapons are divided into two parts: The blades and the guard. The interchangeable arms can also influence the character’s stats in “Motricity”, “Technicality” and “Advance”, which makes the game less complex than an Elden Ring. We notice during the final fight of the demo, that we can charge our attacks to stun the boss. However, this state of stun only seems possible if the boss is stunned by a charged attack, so not discreet. And finally, there is a talent tree that unlocks skills and allows you to customize Pinocchio, which a regular soul would not have.

What to expect next?

During the trailer, we notice that the city Krat where the adventure takes place is inspired by Europe at the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th. We play in a revisited version of Pinocchio, where we will face good or bad choices. We can also see several characters including the blue fairy, an old lady, an enemy wearing a brooch and Gepetto, who will define the quest towards your humanity. The game takes direct references to the tale, with Eater fire, Pinocchio transformed into a donkey and the story of the whale.

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