List of trophies and achievements for The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure

The recently launched The Legend of Heroes: Paths to Azure is the sequel to The legend of heroes: trails from scratch. Originally released in 2011, the RPG focuses on the police’s special investigative unit, the Special Support Section (SSS) and is packed with world-building and intrigue.

Most of the story unfolds for you relatively easily, but if you’re looking to complete everything, you can look to the list of trophies and achievements for ideas. From catching all the fish to activating Burst 50 times or more, this will help guide your game.

How many trophies and achievements are there in The Legend of Heroes: Paths to Azure?

There are 57 trophies on PS4, including one platinum trophy, 50 bronze trophies, four silver trophies, and two gold trophies. 38 of those trophies are secret trophies on PS4. There are 57 achievements on PC via Steam, none hidden.

Here are all the achievements or trophies that can be earned in The Legend of Heroes: Paths to Azure. Please note that some of these may contain spoilers, especially those that relate to the story or are secret trophies.

All The Legend of Heroes: Paths to Azure trophies and achievements

  • Crossbell’s Liberator: Master Trails to Azure and earn all trophies
  • Nightmare on East Street: You have completed the game on Nightmare difficulty.
  • No hard feelings?: You have completed the game on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.
  • Trails to Treazure: Opened all treasure chests
  • peerless heroes: Raised Lloyd, Elie, Tio and Randy to level 120
  • undisputed fisherman: Caught all the fish
  • look look on the wall: Had a million sights or more
  • Search and Leisure: Played for over 100 hours
  • Petty Monst-eminor: Achieved 100 victories in battle
  • Right to remain violent: Achieved 500 victories in battle
  • flash mob: Achieved 100 preemptive strikes
  • Break it: Used 100 S-Breaks
  • I’m going to let you finish: Canceled 100 enemy arts or crafts
  • 4.0 Average: Won a battle with a tactical bonus of x4.00 or more
  • Three-peat rhythm: Won a string of three consecutive battles
  • Octa-GONE: You have defeated 8 enemies at the same time.
  • sixteen goes on separation: You have defeated 16 enemies in a single battle.
  • is no longer an enigma: Learned to use the Enigma II
  • burst onto the scene: Activated Explosion 50 times
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hidden trophies

  • forged in battle: Brought the Steel Maiden to her knees
  • zero to blue: You have completed the ending, “The Path We Chose”.
  • one in a vermilion: Vermillion defeated
  • the girls are fine: Forged a strong bond with KeA, Fran, Cecile, Ilya and Sully
  • decorated officers: Collected all the decorations and covers of Enigma.
  • Rest and Revolution: Completed the intermission, “A Brief Breath”
  • Order in the Quartz: You have collected all the quartz.
  • terminal diagnosis: Analyzed each cult terminal D.:G
  • grim realization: Deduced Mr. Grimwood’s role as mastermind
  • Walking under the sun: Collected all the volumes of Sunshine Agnès
  • hometown hero: You have completed all the missions.
  • A demon eliminated twice: Completed the Prologue, “Footprints of D”
  • Out of sight, out of mine: Complete Chapter 1, “Bright Skies, Gathering Storms”
  • tower of terror: Completed Chapter 2, “The Western Zemurian Trade Conference”
  • the distant flames: Complete Chapter 3, “Commotion in the Making”
  • cooperative strike: Learned all the combined crafts
  • The world beyond the mirror: Full Chapter 4, “Crossbell’s Fate”
  • Hard Knox Prison: Completed the Fragments, “Crossing the False Paradise”
  • Superlative Kill Squad: collected all the information in the combat notebook
  • fine-elie together: Forged a strong bond with Elie
  • platonic ideal: Forged a strong bond with Tio
  • randy for randy: Forged a strong bond with Randy
  • Seeker, Found: Forged a strong bond with Noel
  • heavenly host: Forged a strong bond with Wazy
  • wow what a feeling: Forged a strong bond with Rixia
  • Detective do the right thing: Forged a strong bond with Dudley
  • Pride of the Precinct: Become a First Class Senior Detective
  • cuddly loving car: Got all the orbal car customization options
  • voluntary massacre: Get 1000 victories in battle
  • Zhang Hui would be proud: You have obtained all the recipes.
  • Serve and Perfect: Created all supreme dishes
  • Gehenna’s Kitchen: Created all peculiar dishes
  • the phantom menace: Score at least 4000 points on the horror roller coaster
  • Pom Pom Party Grandmaster: Defeated all opponents in Pom! pom! Party!
  • Writ of Habeas Corpses: You have defeated more than 2000 enemies.
  • the last orbender: Became able to use the strongest art of each element at the same time
  • strong arms of the law: Acquired the strongest weapon for any character
  • masterful art: Gain access to the seven master arts
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Those are all the trophies and achievements on PS4 and Steam. For more information The Legend of Heroes: Paths to Azuretake a look at our crop game library.

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