Listen to Guile’s theme from Street Fighter 6, Sharpened Sonic

Capcom has released Guile’s theme for Street Fighter 6, a new track called Sharpened Sonic. While it won’t replace his world-famous theme from Street Fighter II, Guile’s new music is no slouch in the audio department and is a proper hit that builds on elements of her previous themes. You can listen to it below.

This weekend is a big one for Street Fighter 6 as it will be featured at a panel today at the Evo 2022 tournament. While Street Fighter V is one of the main titles at the annual fighting game event, Street Fighter 6 will also be at the tournament floor in a playable form for the attendees. Fans are also hoping a new character will be revealed, joining the likes of Ryu, Luke, Chun-Li, and Guile.

If you’re interested in watching all the action from home, you can check out GameSpot’s guide on how to watch Evo 2022. Even Mortal Kombat ko-kreator Ed Boon seems excited to see what Street Fighter 6 has to show at Evo, as it confirmed that NetherRealm Studios will not be making any announcement about its bloody fighting game.

Capcom mentioned in June that news of Street Fighter 6 will die down as the studio focuses on development, but there’s currently plenty to read in case you missed its official reveal earlier this year. Guile got a dedicated reveal trailer at Summer Game Fest Live, Capcom confirmed it will implement the throwback netcode for Street Fighter 6’s multiplayer, and more combat details revealed how the game is evolving for a new generation of gamers. .

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You can also read GameSpot’s Street Fighter 6 hands-on preview, which describes the fighting game as having solid fundamentals ahead of its 2023 release for PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PS4.

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