Liz Truss returns with a certain and controversial accessory

Image via The Telegraph

there is more to liz truss to serve the shortest term of any British Prime Minister in history. The former Leader of Parliament has been the subject of many viral memes, many of which continue to outlive her tenure as Prime Minister. One such viral conversation (and no, we’re not talking about the lettuce) has recently resurfaced, regarding a necklace that some believe hints that the politician is into BDSM.

In September 2022, rumors about a necklace that Truss regularly wears began to spread on social media. To those unaware, the collar may appear perfectly average on the surface, but many in the BDSM community noted that the collar looked very familiar. Truss’s collar closely resembled an O-ring collar, an accessory worn by “submissive” members of the BDSM community, often referred to as submissives. Many submissives wear leather o-ring collars while dating their “dominant” or dom partners, and some wear a more day-to-day version.

As many Twitter users pointed out, Truss’s collar looks a bit like a day collar. The former prime minister is rarely seen without her signature necklace, but the conversation about the BDSM conspiracy died down after she resigned from her post and disappeared from public view.

In an exclusive essay for The Telegraph, Truss goes into detail about her stint as British Prime Minister and elaborates on what she thinks went wrong after she was elected like her fellow party members in Parliament. She writes about her fellow party members, the loss of trust in the government, the downturn in the economy, and more details about what contributed to her downfall. The 4,000-word essay is quite widely read, but the internet paid no attention to it. All eyes were on the reappearance of the necklace.

Upon her return to the public eye, Truss made sure to wear her favorite controversial necklace, quickly reigniting the conspiracy. Some speculated that the fact that Truss continued to wear the collars despite the popularized BDSM controversy was proof that the former PM was a true submissive and did not care about speculation. Others brought up the conspiracy as if waking from a fever dream they had (somehow) forgotten in the few months that Truss disappeared after his resignation.

We doubt we’ll ever get direct confirmation or denial from Truss about the nature of her necklace. While she may be aware of the rumors, chances are she’s never heard that she’s part of some big Twitter conspiracy (or that she got hit by a head of lettuce). In the meantime, we’ll be anticipating more viral moments from Truss as she tries to make a comeback after her brief tenure as prime minister.

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