Lost Ark: how to know the status of your server? The update brings clarification!

news tip Lost Ark: how to know the status of your server? The update brings clarification!

And a new maintenance for Lost Ark! This one is mostly about changes to Mission Express and the casual Guardian Raid event. For the occasion, we also have a confirmation of the date of the next big content update. We explain everything you need to know.

You are probably starting to get used to it. Every Thursday on Lost Ark, it’s maintenance! And sometimes with changes to the game. This is the case on this April 28 maintenance, which comes a week after last week’s big content update. While waiting for the end of the maintenance, you can read the patch notes below, and also check the profitability of the Ark Pass.


  • Maintenance and changes
  • The April 28 patch notes
    • Quick mission
    • Guardian Raid Event
    • Additional fixes

Maintenance and changes

It’s April 28 and Lost Ark is currently in maintenance for a few hours (the servers may already be online when you read our news). A patch will accompany this maintenance, and this one will come back to two main things: Express Missionsan event that was implemented in the previous patch, and The “Guardian Raid” Event which was supposed to end soon… but which will ultimately be extended.

By the way, there is a trick to check the status of a server, without launching the game to see it (Because between the long loading which takes more than a minute, then the fact that if the server is off- line, you will have no choice but to restart the game… it is far from practical). You just need to go to the server status page, which is on the official Lost Ark website. At a glance, you will see the status of your server.

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The April 28 patch notes

Without further ado, here are the patch notes!

April 28 Patch

Quick mission

  • Added functionality that allows players to change the character assigned to the Mission Express event if the event’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 Refine perks have not already been used.
  • Players can only change the character assigned to the Mission Express event once. Note that if a player removes the character assigned to the Mission Express event, they will not be able to assign a new one.
  • Updated the event so that only level 50 characters with an item level below 1100 can be assigned as Mission Express event characters.
  • Updated the engravings available in the engraving selection chests provided by the Mission Express event. All engravings will now be available, and all collected and unused selection chests will be retroactively updated to include the full list of engravings.
  • Updated the end date shown in the Event menu to match the event end date of July 28.
  • Players will still need to choose a character to participate in the Express Mission event before the selection period ends on June 30, but they will be able to complete quests with their character until July 28.

Additional details and clarifications about the improvements to the Mission Express event can be found here:
Mission Express Event Update.

Guardian Raid Event

  • The Casual Guardian Raid Event has been extended until May 19 to support player progress ahead of the May Content Update.
  • Adjusted the reward expiration dates for items obtained from the Guardian Raid to match the new end date of May 19.
    • Updated the rewards available during the Guardian Raid.
  • Gem chests have been removed in order to combat excessive bot farming
  • The following items have been added to the weekly rewards list: Rare to Legendary Card Pack (3) Regulus’ Light Coin Chest (1) Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (10) Engraving Recipe Selection Chest Unusual Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (10) Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (10) Rare Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (10) Epic Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (10) Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Chest epic (10)
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Additional fixes

  • Replaced the gold rewards of several early World and Fortress quests with a range of new rewards to avoid bot farming.
  • Updated Xereon’s dialogue during the “Provisional Alliance” quest in Bern-Sud.
  • Fixed an issue that caused debug text to display when placing an item in the Fortress.
  • Updated the expiration date of claimed Feiton Express Growths to match the appropriate date, June 30.
  • Please note that ALL Feiton Express Growths will expire on June 30, regardless of when they were redeemed.

And you probably guessed it from the new event expiration date of Guardian Raidthe developers have made it official that they are currently aiming for the 3rd week of May for their next content update.

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