Lost Ark: maintenance and a date for the June update, all the details

news tip Lost Ark: maintenance and a date for the June update, all the details

And maintenance for Lost Ark! This one brings slight changes, while waiting for the big update of June, which was a little late… this one will be released 2 days before the end of June. We explain everything you need to know in detail!

Lost Ark isn’t having its best days right now. The community is rather up, and this for various reasons, including the presence of bots which does not decrease. But one of the other reasons for this anger is that developer communication around the June update hasn’t been top notch.

Maintenance and new patch in sight


  • Maintenance and new patch in sight
    • A maintenance today with some changes!
    • And the June update?

A maintenance today with some changes!

Today since 9 am, you may have noticed that the Lost Ark servers were offline. It is because the weekly maintenance is in progress, with a minor update rolling out. Servers will normally come back online around 1 p.m. Here are the changes following the patch:

  • The end date of the Super Express event has been adjusted to July 20 to prepare for the next Express event. Which means you will need to complete your event missions before that date. Also, don’t forget to select a character for the Super Expresss event before June 30 if you want to participate!
  • Happy Hour Event bugs have been fixed. We will be relaunching last weekend’s event to compensate for previous issues that prevented some players from being able to claim these rewards.
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A fairly minor patch, which mainly focuses on in-game events.

And the June update?

The soap opera of the summer. The June update should have come out earlier. However, delays have occurred, and communication has clearly not been transparent on the developer side. It is therefore a fairly revitalized community that has finally had an update concerning this update: This will take place on June 30th…it’s just right! No other information for the moment, but it obviously won’t be long!

For more information about the upcoming changes, you can read them directly on the official website.

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