Lost Ark Roadmap June & July: Arcanist is coming! We list everything for you

news tip Lost Ark Roadmap June & July: Arcanist is coming! We list everything for you

The roadmap for June, but also for July, is finally available! And with that, the confirmation that the next class on Lost Ark will be the Arcanist: We take stock and we list the announcements for you!

It has already been two weeks since the big May update was deployed on the Lost Ark servers. And if the June Prime Gaming rewards are available, the community was mostly waiting for the June and July roadmap. And good news, it is available!

The June / July roadmap on Lost Ark

Lots of content to come

Highly anticipated by the community, this roadmap had taken a bit of a delay, as the teams were in South Korea to chat with Smilegate RPG. A lot of details are made on this post from the official site.

First of all, in terms of the rate of release of advanced classes, Amazon Games Studios confirms that a new advanced class will be released every two months for the rest of 2022. According to them, a steady stream of content will contribute to the long-term health of the game. And it will start with the Arcanist !

To note that this summerplayers are expected to be offered a Punika Express Growth, in order to accelerate the rise in level of equipment of one of your characters! But in the meantime, here is the roadmap posted on the official Lost Ark website.

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What’s coming in June

Legion Raid: Vykas (Normal and Hard)

Confront Commander Vykas of the Legion of Avarice, who will join Valtan as the second Legion Raid. Legion Raids are arduous, team-based activities that require working together to determine and implement the strategy that will counter each Legion Commander’s unique traits, abilities, and mechanics. Because Legion Raids are long and grueling, they contain portals (or checkpoints) that will record your progress. Just like the Valtan Raid, you will need to be eight in it. To access Normal mode, players will need to reach item level 1430, and for Hard mode, 1460. The Vykas Legion Raid will provide materials for players to finish crafting their Relic gear, as well as other valuable rewards.

New Guardian Raid: Kungelanium

Lost Ark Roadmap June & July: Arcanist is coming!  We list everything for you

Besides Deskaluda, the predatory Kungelanium also joins the ranks of powerful Level 6 Guardians to challenge in a Guardian Raid. Kungelanium will be available to people with an item level of 1460 or higher. As with other Guardian Raids, you can attempt to win solo or as a team, or with up to three other heroes through player encounters.

The Path to Power

Lost Ark Roadmap June & July: Arcanist is coming!  We list everything for you

The Path of Power is a new single-player dungeon set in a strange 50-story dimension. You will need to complete each floor within the time limit before moving on to the next. The Path of Power is similar to the single-player Darktower and Tower of Fate dungeons, but with a few key differences. In the Path of Power, you will fight against your enemies to complete as many floors as possible until you can no longer defend yourself and succumb to the demonic legions. The first validation of the first 25 floors entitles you to rewards (you will win all the rewards corresponding to the floors conquered). The other 25 floors focus on prestige and the clock: prove that even alone, you are capable of facing all that the demonic legions can throw at you. To participate, you will need to be at item level 1325.

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New cosmetic item in the shop: the yoz urn

Lost Ark Roadmap June & July: Arcanist is coming!  We list everything for you

The Yoz Urn is a new product in the in-game store that will introduce a variety of Epic and Legendary skins. If you have a skin you don’t like or don’t wear anymore (or maybe a yoz urn skin you’re not a fan of), you can break it down into fabrics, which can be used in a jar to get a new appearance from a specified list. This new cosmetic system will also allow you to acquire legendary skins, which provide better benefits than epic skins. Don’t worry if you prefer an old skin to your new legendary skin with bigger bonuses, you can “overlay” the one you like on top of the legendary skin! As with the rest of the content featured here, we’ll give you more details closer to the June update.

Content planned for the month of July

New Advanced Mage Class: Arcanist

Lost Ark Roadmap June & July: Arcanist is coming!  We list everything for you

The arcanist imbues special cards with his magic and uses them for various purposes. Whether she’s slashing enemies by throwing her cards, summoning powerful magic attacks or team effects from the cards themselves, the Arcanist has a trick up her sleeve in any situation. Although armed with a variety of skills, the Arcanist sometimes lets the cards decide the fate through her special “Card Deck” ability. When you attack, the card gauge is charged. Once the gauge is filled, a card with random stats appears in the card deck. You can fire it and inflict devastating damage in varying degrees. The Arcanist will join the Bard and Witch as the advanced third class of the Mage.

Valtan Legion Raid: Infernal Difficulty

Lost Ark Roadmap June & July: Arcanist is coming!  We list everything for you

The hardest version of Legion Raids, the Infernal difficulty, is all about proving yourself to be among the best of the best in Archesia, and gaining prestige. Rather than chasing after the normal rewards of gear, materials, and whatever else you receive in a Legion Raid, Infernal Mode rewards highlight your victory, with titles, achievements, stronghold structures and more ! A new trading system will be added to the game to access a variety of prestigious rewards by sweeping all your opponents.

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There are a few key differences between Normal/Hard and Infernal difficulties:

  • Balance Balance is applied, and the raid requires the use of the Coordinating Book, so everyone’s gear is normalized to the level of the Legion Commander you’re up against.
  • The portal progression system will not be active: you cannot go halfway and come back later in the week.

Infernal Mode will not count towards your weekly attempt limit for Legion Raids. So you can play Valtan in Normal/Hard mode and Infernal mode in the same week, and try Infernal as many times as you want.

The Infernal difficulty for the Valtan Legion Raid cannot be attempted below item level 1445.

Abyssal Dungeon (Challenge)

Lost Ark Roadmap June & July: Arcanist is coming!  We list everything for you

Like recent Guardian (Challenge) Raids that have Balance of Harmony applied to stall your power on your opponent, Abyssal (Challenge) Dungeons will work the same way in a new weekly activity. And because the challenge is bigger, the rewards are better. Different refinement gear selection pouches (similar to Guardian Raids (Challenge), you can choose the option closest to your item level) will alternate among the rewards, and many cards are up for grabs or win in loot auctions at the end of the dungeon. You can play each Abyss Dungeon once per week (per roster).

Here is the complete list published on the official Lost Ark website. More information on dates soon!

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