Lynda Carter reveals what a Wonder Woman looks like on Twitter

Actress Lynda Carter is best known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman from 1975 to 1979, lately she’s been a hit on social media like Twitter, and now the 71-year-old says her key to the new virality is her team of marketers.

Carter makes the revelation in an article published by The Guardian This day. The article discusses her recent work in music, including a song made in memory of her late husband, and Carter says her team of young women and two men capture her vibe.

“They get my voice, my strengths and weaknesses, and my sense of humor.”

The article goes on to note that Carter hopes to inspire younger generations, mentions how his version of the famous character was required to be exciting and not as feminist as later incarnations, and that he never wanted to go to San Diego Comic-Con. Additionally, Carter says that she still misses her late husband, Robert Altman, and that the secret to her marriage was her usual flexibility.

“The boy I married was handsome, intelligent, loving. He really he didn’t stop me from anything he wanted to do. On the contrary, he encouraged me to sing again. Or: ‘don’t worry, take that movie, I’ll take care of the kids, I’ll bring them every weekend, we’ll work it out.’ And I would do the same for him. If we had a vacation plan, he wouldn’t go to the movies, or a singing tour, or anything like that, because we had family plans. And we spent as much time together as a family as possible.”

Carter recently appeared on television in supergirl Y wonder woman 1984 on the biggest screen. She will appear next in wonder woman 3. You can find Lynda Carter and the team on Twitter at @RealLyndaCarter.

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