Madden 23 Skill-Based Passes Explained: Accuracy or Power, Is It Worth It?

In Madden 23, one of the biggest changes to the game is what EA Tiburon calls skill-based passes. This new feature is intended to give quarterbacks more control than ever in deciding where to place the ball. EA says that when used well, this will allow QBs to hit receivers on routes that were previously difficult to execute, such as back shoulder fades or threading the needle between two zones.

On paper, it sounds revolutionary, as Madden has severely lacked that pass control for years. But how does it work in practice? Should I choose to use it or go back to the old system of leaving the game simulation heavy results? The answer is eventually, but not immediately, apparent. This is everything you need to know about skill based passes in Madden 23.

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Madden 23 Skill-Based Passes: Is It Worth It?

The short answer to the above question is a resounding yes. A healthy skepticism around annual Madden features with buzzword names is to be expected. Madden players have gotten a lot of burnout over the last three decades. But after many hours of play, I’m ready to say it: skill-based passes are legit. While it may bring up uncomfortable memories of QB Vision, the one thing the two roles really have in common is a focus on improving the passing game. Skill-based passes very well get most of what they’re after, even when the learning curve seems daunting at first.

Skill-Based Passes: Accuracy or Power?

EA Tiburon wisely added a skill-based Pass tutorial to the game after some beta feedback saying it was difficult to understand. You will receive this tutorial as soon as you start the game for the first time, so you won’t miss it, though you can replay it in the Skill Trainer if you wish. The first question you’ll need to answer is whether you should use Placement + Power either Placement + Accuracy. In the tutorial, you may find that both are somewhat difficult to understand, but this is the most important part to know: these two systems are effectively the same thing, they really just change the visual feedback you get on your screen. Using either is noticeably better than going back to the old system. You can enjoy the highest level of ball control with either system. One simply better visualizes where you’re aiming the ball with the left stick, while the other better highlights how much “mustard” you’re putting on the ball.

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Since most Madden players probably mastered the subtleties of the lob, flick, and shot passes years ago, I’d suggest that most Madden players should use Placement + Accuracy. Seeing exactly where you are putting the ball inside the target area will soon help you become a more accurate passer, passing the ball over defenders into spaces where only your wide receiver can make a play, or keeping the ball in front of the wide receiver. open on a cross the pattern and prevent the defender from jumping the route, two things the old system was notoriously bad at preventing.

When casting with the Placement + Accuracy system, you will see a small circle icon appear on the screen within a larger circle. Think of the large circle as the potential ball placement region based on factors like your quarterback’s accuracy rate, the location of his foot when he threw the ball, and whether he was under pressure from defenders. The smaller circle visualizes where you have told the ball to go precisely, based on your use of the left stick. Pointing the stick up and to the left or right, while combining with a bunt pass, will help you get the ball into a tight back pylon window when in the red zone, for example. This makes the simple act of throwing a pass in Madden a bit more complex, but it comes with a lot more reward.

If you only learn one thing from this guide, let it be this: skill-based passes work, and you should use them.

What I really want to emphasize with this guide is that skill-based passes are definitely better than going back to the old ways. but it won’t feel like that even after the tutorial. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor if you try the tutorial, but commit to using Skill-Based Passes even after it’s probably just going to make things more confusing. Best practice is done in a live environment at game speed. Take the new mechanic to a low-stakes game of Exhibition or Head-to-head and play around with it. Allow yourself to get an idea of ​​the system. The revolution may not be immediately apparent, but give it a few quarters, or even a few games, and I think you’ll come to agree there’s no going back.

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You’ll discover how your use of the left stick corresponds to the precise destination of the ball. More accurate passers will still have an advantage over less signal callers, but skill-based passing makes all QBs noticeably better, no doubt, because it takes some of the RNG elements from Madden and changes them for more control of the player. Taking Madden’s randomness out of the game, such as in preset tackle animations, has been high on fans’ wish lists, and this year’s game addresses some of those concerns thanks to pass-based in skills and the largest Fieldsense review. While the community is still judging other aspects of the game, I strongly suggest that all serious Madden players put the past behind them and take a day or two to understand, and soon master, the new skill-based pass system in Madden. 23

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