Malcom: towards a return of the cult series? Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) wants it

news culture Malcom: towards a return of the cult series? Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) wants it

Malcom is a cult series in many ways and for a lot of good reasons: always very popular, the franchise could well be revived by one of its star actors. Explanations.

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Started in 2000Malcom is a series that quickly established itself as a television classic : it was notably broadcast on M6 in France and this well after the date of its last episode, in 2006, continuing to be watched as a real safe bet. It must be said that the adventures of the siblings are not only funnyfinely dressed with incredible situations and other well-felt punchlines; they also sometimes manage to be touching and full of morals.

Of course, when we talk abouta proper return from Malcom, there is something to be excited about: it is actually possible according to Frankie Muniz, the interpreter of Malcom himself, who spoke at the microphone of Fox News.

Bryan Cranston is close to writing a screenplay

Frankie Muniz (who is now 36) confided in the American media: “I would love to know what happened to this family”. Also and above all, he clarified that Bryan Cranston – revealed with his incarnation of the father of Malcom, before the consecration of Breaking Bad in the skin of Walter White – was almost committed to the return of the series.

I know that Bryan Cranston really believes in this idea and that he is more or less about to start writing the screenplay and do everything to make it happen. So it may come to fruition. Of course, I would be 100% on board. We’ll see.

Obviously, there is something to be curious about the pitch of a new season. Since the children in the series are all adults these days, it’s a safe bet that the roles will then be reversed: Malcom, Dewie and Reese could thus become parents in turn… We’ll see what the future holds for us.

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