Marvel: bad news for the huge MMO planned by the authors of DC Universe Online

Game news Marvel: bad news for the huge MMO planned by the authors of DC Universe Online

Six months ago, we heard for the first time about an MMO-RPG with Marvel sauce, developed by Dimensional Ink. An ambitious project which was only in its infancy… and which will obviously never succeed.

Early retirement

At the end of last November, we informed you of a project in preparation at Dimensional Ink (a branch of Daybreak Game Company, studio behind DC Universe Online): a huge MMO-RPG stamped Marvel. An ambitious and rather attractive project on paper, establishing itself as one of the company’s “longer term” projects: the latter was however only in a preliminary phase, namely the presentation to investors. Jack Emmert, the director of the MMO dedicated to DC Comics, was also at the head of this new project.

Only here, the parent company EG7 has just announced bad news: this massively online game in which we could have found our favorite superheroes and villains has finally… been canceled. The reason is simple since the group has chosen to invest massively in the follow-up of other games in preparation, namely the MMO The Lord of the Rings Online or even DC Universe Online itself.

Other Marvel projects in the pipeline

If this is a blow for the development studio, remember that it is currently working on a graphical overhaul of DC Universe Online, still standing after eleven years in business. As for Marvel, fans can be reassured: other games by other designers are in the works.

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For example, we can cite Marvel Snap, a collectible and playing card video game featuring hundreds of heroes and villains, coming to compete with HearthStone and Legends of Runeterra : a software planned on mobile and PC of which you can find the trailer and information at this address.

We can also point the finger at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine, both designed by talented studio Insomniac Games, the authors of Ratchet & Clank. In short, a loaded program that should further thicken over time.

Marvel: bad news for the huge MMO planned by the authors of DC Universe Online

About Marvel’s Wolverine

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