Marvel fans look back across the sands of time to their first MCU cinematic experience

Image via Marvel Studios

Can anyone believe that 15 years have passed since Iron Man launched the MCU?

Although of course there are plenty of fans of the comics or just the genre in general who will have headed over to see Iron Man As soon as it hit theaters, for many, the MCU is something that will have happened around them before they became actively involved. On Reddit, a user asks fans to swim in nostalgic waters and reminisce about their first experience with the franchise.

They remember that they initially skipped the first Iron Man movie, and I can’t really say if it was the Avengers either iron man 2 who brought them into the fold.

For some, it really was where it all began.

It took a little while for others to get in, but who can resist the lure of Paul Rudd?

This person thought they were over comic book movies, little did they know that the Avengers it would attract them directly.

Although Iron Man they may have been forced to swallow, they finally got on board after seeing thor.

Some people came in when things were getting tough with Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Now this is weird to get into.

Another user doesn’t understand how he would have known what the heck was going on.

The way all the MCU movies are now intertwined makes it hard to really understand what’s going on without having seen certain movies from the past. Fortunately, if you really want to catch up, they’re all available on Disney Plus.

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