Marvel’s Avengers: Jane Foster Trailer Shows How Great An Operation Mighty Thor Would Have Been

marvel avengers is scheduled to welcome its latest hero on June 28, with Jane Foster making her big debut. While fans are still waiting to see a raw gameplay of her hero and abilities, she received a story trailer highlighting her character design and backstory. This take on Jane Foster’s origins is incredibly memorable, though it’s almost negative in a way.

Because the Jane Foster story trailer is so solid and features a unique premise, marvel avengers fans are left to ponder what could have been. Actually reproducing the events shown in the motion comic would have been a stellar DLC that took players to Asgard and gave them a unique boss to fight, rectifying the game’s problems with location and variety of enemies. Unfortunately, players can only see Jane’s story, which highlights a key problem with marvel avengers‘ new post-launch approach.


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What Happens in the Jane Foster Story Trailer

Since the second trailer for Jane Foster begins, marvel avengers fans learn that she is from an alternate universe. This is a clever way to explain the existence of a second Mjolnir, and fans get a good look at Jane’s outfit. Wearing intricate armor and a golden mask instead of a full helmet, the design is different but she still feels like Jane, and should be fun to watch in-game.

Jane’s backstory is tied directly to the fall of Asgard, and at its core is a twisted version of Odin. This alone is an exciting change of pace as Odin goes berserk due to the death of his son and is an interesting twist on the usual stories involving the character. After trying and failing to defeat him on her own, Jane turns to Loki and enlists the help of the Trickster god to overthrow her father. While they are successful, Jane does not want to join Loki’s side. Luckily for Jane, a portal suddenly opens and leads her into the main room. marvel avengers universe. She is shown standing next to the original Thor as the trailer comes to an end.

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Jane Foster’s backstory was begging to be an operation

For many reasons, the Jane Foster story begged to be an Operation. While seeing it in a motion comic is better than not telling it at all, a DLC adapting the exact same story featured in this trailer would have been ideal. The shots of Jane with cancer could have created particularly emotional scenes, in which players got to see her origin story and her transformation into Mighty Thor.

A corrupted version of Asgard would be an incredible setting in a game desperate for more different locations. Part of the reason War for Wakanda was so well received has to do with the jungle biome, as it had so much more personality than the generic deserts and forested areas previously used for quests. Asgard’s rainbow bridge and its golden city would be exciting areas to fight in, and an Asgard region could easily serve as the most visually stunning area in the game.

Along with a playable Asgard area, an Odin boss fight could have been a big draw. Being able to fight him in a single player section that resembles Future Imperfect’s intro mission could have been a fun way to show off the power of him, with the final mission seeing Jane and The Avengers finally defeat the Norse god. It’s easy to imagine hilarious attacks for Odin involving his Ravens and his staff, but unfortunately, fans will probably never get to fight him.

If the story of the Operation played out like in the trailer, Loki might have been set up for the next marvel avengers raid, too. Considering that Loki has already been teased in marvel avengers, a battle against him will be a long time coming, and using him as the second boss for the Operation might have been perfect. Unfortunately, it looks like players won’t be fighting Loki or Odin at all. That’s a real shame, as a proper Operation could have brought two unique bosses to the game alongside Asgard. It also could have been a more exciting way to tell Jane’s story, as at this point it looks like this trailer, collectibles, and elevator conversations will be the only way for fans to learn about the universe from her.

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Jane Foster’s problem could become a recurring problem

This will probably be the new norm for marvel avengers. Operations packed with new missions and cutscenes are likely to be expensive to create, and given the difficulties of the game, Crystal Dynamics is unlikely to have the resources to run proper operations. Further away, marvel avengersFuture post-Embracer acquisition is still up in the air, so Crystal Dynamics may want to get characters like Jane into players’ hands quickly in case the game goes offline.

marvel avengersThe June development update touched on a new post-launch look for the game that will see hero- and villain-focused content added regularly. Jane Foster and a co-op version of MODOK’s boss battle are early examples of this new style, and while it’s nice to see new heroes and villains more regularly, this means less significant content drops are likely. Forward. Considering how long the wait between Operations and Expansions was, this new approach could be absolutely beneficial in the long run, but you’ll still miss out on the more cinematic experiences and larger batches of content.

Still, it’s hard to argue against the idea that Jane Foster deserved story content like Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, especially after this story trailer. While some players have automatically balked at including her in place of entirely new heroes like Doctor Strange, the motion comic shows that Crystal Dynamics had big ideas for Jane’s narrative and could have convinced doubters with an exciting Operation. . Unfortunately, players won’t be able to experience his story in-game, which makes his arrival far less exciting than the debut of heroes like Black Panther.

marvel avengers It’s out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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