Mass Effect 3: Target Interference Technology Tutorial

During mass effect 3, many people in the Citadel need your help. Not only do they need you to save the Galaxy, but they also have some minor issues that require your help. To be fair, they don’t always ask for your help, but it’s often worth lending a hand, as it usually earns you experience, money, reputation, and some war assets.


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Plus, usually all you have to do is purchase something for them, as is the case with the Target Jamming Technology quest. The problem is that the game doesn’t explicitly tell you where the thing you need to acquire is located. All that information is in this guide.

How to unlock the mission

You can acquire the quest. anytime after Priority: The Citadel 2 (the Cerberus Strike). However, you you won’t be able to complete it until Rannoch: Admiral Koris.

To resume the quest for Target Jamming Technology, head to the Presidium Commons over the Citadel. then look for a Turian C-Sec Officer in the lower part of the area, next to the Apollo cafe.

You don’t actually talk to the guy. you just need listen to their conversation. Once you do, the game will automatically place the quest in your journal.

Alternatively, you you can skip this part and go directly to the jamming tower data – once Rannoch: Admiral Koris is available. When you acquire the data, you will also get the quest.

Get the data from Jamming technology

Before you can get the data from the jamming tower, you must first meet with the quarians and Complete Priority: Geth Dreadnought search. After that, head to Rannoch to rescue Admiral Koris.

At one point during the quest for Admiral Koris, you will need to disable two AA guns, which are in separate sections. The jamming tower data is inside the left area of ​​the AA gun.

Once you are there and have killed all the Geth in your way, go to the wall on the right. on the wall is a terminal, containing the data you need: it’s near a door.

After picking it up, finish the search.

If you missed the data during Rannoch: Admiral Koris

If you have already completed Rannoch: Admiral Koris and missed the data, there are there is still a way to get it.

Simply head to the Specter office inside the Citadel Embassies, and interact with Specter Requisitions Terminal. you should see the Geth Target-Jamming Tech for sale, so buy it.

The quest for Admiral Koris must have been completed or lost for this to be an option.

Give the data to the C-Sec officer

Regardless of how you acquired the data, you must Take it to the C-Sec officer you may have met before. He doesn’t move, so he will. still be next to Apollo’s Cafe in the lower section of Presidium Commons over the Citadel.

Simply talk to him to turn in the data and get your reward of 1000 credits, 30 experience, a boost in reputation, and an upgrade to your Citadel Defense Force war asset.

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