MCU Fan Suggests Series About Normal People’s Lives During MCU Events

Image via Disney Plus

Given more than three seconds of thought, most people will realize how insanely insane they are one day in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon may be. One minute the world is close to being annihilated by a genocidal robot; the next minute, the world indeed does it being wiped out by an equally genocidal purple alien, and then the people of New York City begin to wonder why an alternate universe is coming out of the sky.

The movies, of course, put us in the thick of all the action, following the notable champions of the MCU into the many situations only they can answer. But, it must be remembered that they are not the only ones who are affected by the many events throughout the canon; What could Age of Ultron have been like from the perspective of an ordinary citizen? We got a glimpse of that during Hawkeye’s premiere, but one fan felt dissatisfied and turned to ar/marvelstudios to launch an MCU anthology series that follows the lives of ordinary people in an anything but ordinary universe.

A group of responders dreamed up a scenario of what a conversation between an MCU pedestrian and an MCU insurance agent might look like.

Another user listed nine possible episodes/scenarios that could be played from an ordinary citizen’s point of view, including a two-part set during The Snap, which itself could be an entire show on its own.

Another user delved a bit deeper into these possible scenarios and added the rise of Tiamut into the mix, hinting at what might have happened in nearby countries during the event.

Living among the heroes of the MCU might sound like a dream come true at first, but if you really think about what those poor normal people have to go through every couple of months, the real world seems to be pretty good.

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