MCU Fans Debate: Is Kingpin Getting Bigger?

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the villain of marvel Cornerstone It is known for its imposing size. In the comics, it’s sometimes as big as a house, but obviously in Reckless It was quite normal size. However, it was a little bigger in Hawk Eye and now it looks like a tank in the trailer Echo. On the r/marvelstudios subreddit, user floyfromhell posed the question: Is it just me…or is it still growing?

One user said that this was an intentional choice by Marvel.

“Marvel tends to move characters more and more toward comic accuracy over time,” MuNansen said. Someone else said that he preferred the more human portrayal of the Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk. Jubachi99 said:

“Honestly, Fisk is one of the few characters (whose) design I preferred the non-comic accurate version. Him being cartoonishly large ruins the intimidation factor (the) original Fisk from the Daredevil movie felt like he was realistically sized. Maybe it’s just me. For comics and other similar things that he’s animated in, the cartoonish size of him doesn’t have that effect because he’s offset by things like lighting that’s pretty hard to get with live action.”

User 13strong pointed out that Fisk’s interpretations on Netflix are different from Marvel’s. “Yeah, they’re replacing it to make it more accurate in the comics. The MCU is closer to the comic style than the ‘realism’ of the Netflix shows.”

Another noted that they didn’t appreciate that about previous shows on Netflix: “Yeah… That’s the only thing I didn’t like about Netflix shows, they tried to make it too realistic and didn’t accept the comedic aspect.” enough of that. Especially Iron fist”, said ttsho.

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Is Marvel going too far? JoeMcDingleDongle seems to think so.

“He looked good on Hawkeye, bigger, but not ridiculous. Echo’s stills go too far. Obviously not everything from the comics translates perfectly to live action…they’re adding so much padding here that the guy’s neck keeps shrinking, it seems non-existent in the new footage.”

User nage_ seems to think there is a reason for the filler: to protect actor Vincent D’Onofrio while he continues in the role for the foreseeable future.

“I think they’re adding shoulder pads so they don’t have to count on D’onofrio maintaining his size/height in later years. The guy cut back a bit before Hawkeye; you could tell with his neck. Happy that he’s getting healthier and happy that he won’t (affect) his career, as he’s usually portrayed as the strong, intimidating guy.”

Others claim that something else is going on, like mrprincepercy.

“Actually, there’s a helium canister in his butt.”

You can see the biggest version of Kingpin yet when Echo opens in the summer of 2023.

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