MCU Fans Go Wild After ‘Loki’ Season 2 Trailer Definitely Not Leaking Online

Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Marvel’s presentation at D23 earlier this month was a bit of a disappointment for fans, as while some giveaways made their way online, many remained exclusive to the event, including trailers from the likes of the wonders, Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaY Loki the second season. Well, one of these trailers has been delayed in the ether, and MCU fans are freaking out.

In a bit of mischief that the Asgardian trickster himself would no doubt be proud of, a leaked video of the Loki The teaser is going viral on social media. It may be in the form of a shaky phone recording taken at an odd angle, but fans are happy to grab what they can get at this point, with the entirety of Marvel Twitter collapsing for this first look at the series’ sophomore run. by Tom Hiddleston.

What a trio!

Speaking of Sylvie, Sophia Di Martino’s anti-heroine has a new look for season 2, and it reminds some people of Strange thingsmax.

However, the element of the trailer that intrigues people the most is Loki’s new time glitch.

Loki is taking a page out of the spiderverseThe playbook, it seems.

A walk that we will never forget.

But it doesn’t please some people, as certain fans are frustrated that Jonathan Majors’ Kang doesn’t appear properly in this path.

You heard the fan.

Now that we’ve seen it, we can say that this trailer does a good job of promoting the second season without diving into major spoilers. In case you need to remember, the season 1 finale ended with Sylvie killing the He Who Remains, allowing Kang the Conqueror to take over, after which Loki found himself in a reset timeline where no one knew who. it was.

We’ll find out what happens next when Loki the second season crashes on Disney Plus sometime this summer.

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