MCU Fans Praise One Of The Franchise’s Most Anonymous Heartwarming Character Moments

Image via Marvel Studios

As much as the action and the spectacle are the great hook to go see the studio’s films, the UCM It has arguably become so popular because Marvel knows the trick lies in making the audience fall in love with their heroes, so often the scenes that fans are most excited about are the smaller-scale moments that focus on the character interaction above anything else. .

For example, Marvel lovers are shedding light on a largely unknown moment from avengers endgame. Hidden among everything else that happens in that three-hour epic, there’s a discreet sequence early in the Infinity Saga finale that sees Nebula (Karen Gillan) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) team up a bit. But it means a lot more to Thanos’s least favored daughter than meets the eye.

The scene in question occurs when Tony and Nebula are marooned in space aboard the Guardians’ ship, killing time playing paper soccer. As a member of the r/MarvelStudios subreddit pointed out, there’s a deeper significance here for the latter character. “Nebula, after years of trying to beat Gamora and impress Thanos, she always wanted to win. And I never had fun,” they shared. “When Tony congratulates her on winning, you can see how happy Nebula is. It was fun.”

For your viewing enjoyment and a trip down memory lane, here is the full scene.

A shout out must go to Karen Gillan here for making Nebula’s reaction when Tony tells her she won so quietly heartbreaking. It’s clear that she has no idea how to react to that news since, as the OP reminds us, she didn’t win anything in her life before nor did she receive any kind of positive reinforcement. Nebula has a hugely transformational time in End of the game in general, of course, with the key role it plays in Thanos’ defeat.

After being briefly seen on Thor: love and thunderNebula returns this December Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special.

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