Midnight Ghost Hunt: The Best Hunter Weapons

best hunter weapons midnight ghost hunt It might not be a surprise considering how prevalent they are in matches, but it’s quite possible that they are. That is why we are going to go through the best hunter weapons one by one in this guide.

You will learn how to use these weapons when hunting ghosts, what gadgets can be used in conjunction with these weapons, and what kind of perks would benefit the best hunter weapons the most.

Best Hunter Weapons in Midnight Ghost Hunt

spectral cannon

  • the best gadgets: Pathfinder, Radar, Void, Trap
  • best advantage: fast charge

This semi-automatic beam weapon is an excellent choice for tracking and shooting ghosts that use the Spirit and Shatterproof abilities.

The rate of fire on this thing is excellent, and it can easily deal with a whole group of ghosts. But you’ll also need the fast reload perk, as you can’t afford to slow down when the hunt gets tough.

On top of that, Spectral Cannon has some splash damage and is overall an easy to use weapon that even beginners can quickly master.

salt shotgun

  • the best gadgets: Grenade, Trap
  • best advantage: Extended Mag

Salt Shotgun is a very powerful weapon, but only at close range. This is why you should combine it with grenades for long range attacks.

This double-barreled shotgun hits ghosts for a large amount of damage, as well as knocking them back. You can use this factor to return them to traps in the heat of the moment.

Project X

  • the best gadgets: Grenade, Trap, Medkit
  • best advantage: giant

If you don’t want to worry about magazines and reload times, then the Project X submachine gun can save you from all of that. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that Project X does not overheat.

Other than that, you get excellent damage with a high rate of fire that increases even more the more you shoot. This is a perfect ghost assault weapon that can be used well with trap devices.


  • the best gadgets: Trap, Radar, Void
  • best advantage: additional equipment

This machine gun is not meant to deal damage, but is better at freezing props and giving the ghosts that inhabit them a hard time. However, it can certainly do some damage.

Another great thing a Frostbite player can do is remove items with Corruptor to prevent them from exploding.

Once the object is completely frozen, you can start damaging it, which is a great way to catch fleeing ghosts.

harpoon bazooka

  • the best gadgets: Trap, Scout, Void
  • best advantage: Lightweight

Here’s another weapon that is really fun when paired with just about any other weapon, and is easily one of the best hunter weapons out there. midnight ghost hunt.

The Harpoon Bazooka fires a harpoon on a chain that allows you to attract ghosts and let your teammates finish the job easily.

Having a light weight buff would be great in this case as it allows you to be more effective while chasing down all the fleeing ghosts and harpooning them in the process.


  • the best gadgets: Trap, C4
  • best advantage: additional equipment

A sniper rifle like Reaper can be useful in two types of situations: shooting a single ghost from a distance, or luring a group of ghosts into a trap or C4 stack.

This rifle fires special energized darts that stick to ghosts, dealing damage, then exploding for even more damage. It’s pretty killer!


  • the best gadgets: Radar, Void
  • best advantage: healing aura

The flamethrower may not be as accurate as the reaper, but when you need to quickly clear a room, nothing comes close and puts it among the best hunter weapons under the right circumstances.

You don’t even need to know the exact location of a ghost. Just use your Radar gadget and start throwing flames around you as soon as you hear the beep. There is a good chance that one of the props will turn out to be a ghost in disguise.

Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t use it in conjunction with Frostbite, as the flames remove the freezing effect on accessories.

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Those are the best hunter weapons in midnight ghost hunt. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the midnight ghost hunt tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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