‘Millisecond. Marvel star Iman Vellani says she’s not ready to meet Robert Downey Jr.

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Marvel’s newest superhero, mrs wonder, took part in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit today to share some MCU information with fans. Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan is the kind of superhero that represents us all, a superfan who finds her own powers.

As he adjusts to heroic life while still in school, he learns to balance the good with the bad, the easy with the hard, and the magnificent with the mundane. Watching the new series on Disney Plus has been a delight for fans, so casting Vellani’s brain was something we were all looking forward to.

A fan asked Vellani about meeting a favorite superhero, Robert Downey Jr., and it turns out he’s as much of a legend to Vellani as he is to the fan.

Vellani’s response was as perfect as could be expected. Of course, we’d all love to share space with Robert Downey Jr., but Vellani isn’t so sure she’s ready to meet him. So why wouldn’t she? The reason is so sweet: she’s not ready to humanize him yet.

That’s right, Vellani is doing his best to put celebrities in the same realm as the rest of us, not to praise them at a higher level, but when it comes to someone like RDJ, well, sometimes it’s nice to keep that alive. superstar status. .

Robert Downey Jr. is an actor on another level; someone whom many admire for various reasons. He is kind, generous, hilarious, and we can all have heroes, right? For now, Downey Jr. is still one of the Vellani, we get that.

You can see mrs wonder now streaming on Disney Plus.

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