‘Millisecond. The Marvel star loves to be sucked into magic.

Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Love it or hate it, Hollywood is an absolute hotbed for the ever-hypnotic genre of magical realism; Whether you’re whisked away to a world of dinosaurs or frolicking with Spider-Man, giving your imagination away to a good movie or show ranks high among life’s joys.

mrs wonder is one of the latest properties to capture the hearts and minds of viewers everywhere, and that doesn’t just include fans. Zenobia Shroff, who plays Kamala Khan’s mother Muneeba, has revealed her new found joy by sinking her teeth into the specific brand of fun that mrs wonder and, by extension, the MCU, he usually brings with his projects.

In an interview with entertainment weeklyShroff compared his involvement with the Marvel project to his previous jobs and noted a stark contrast.

“I will say that I come from the tradition of Ibsen and Chekhov and revering Meryl Streep, and I have played Heiner Muller, who is a German avant-garde, and I have been in a very leftist theater for a long time. Then all of a sudden you’re in this thing where you’re looking at your son. [be a superhero]. But I will say that you get caught up in the magic of it. You start believing and you leave with suspension of disbelief.”

He would go on to declare his love for his experience working on such a colorful and exciting project as mrs wonderdescribing it as “a shot in the arm”.

“I am amazed at myself and how much I enjoy saying these lines and believing them. It’s a great start, because when you’ve been doing it for as long as I have, you need a push.”

mrs wonder is currently available to stream on Disney Plus, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday through July 13.

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