MLB The Show 22: How to complete the Mystery Mission objectives “No Mendoza Line” and “Free Pass, Free Pack” in Mini Seasons? (August 2022)

MLB The Show 22 has changed the Diamond Dynasty formula with Mini Seasons. Mini Seasons allow Diamond Dynasty players to take on the CPU in a condensed 28-game regular season format. In addition to the usual rewards, users can also try to get a mystery reward by completing a special mystery mission. So what is the mission for this month? We’ll see.

For August, the first mystery quest is “No Mendoza Line”. This line is a reference to former MLB player Mario Mendoza, who was well known for not hitting for a high batting average. For this program, users will need to count three hits in a single game of Mini-Seasons with hitters of common rarity in Diamond Dynasty.

The second Mystery Mission is titled “Free Pass, Free Pack.” While this suggestion might imply that you only need to walk once during a game of Mini Seasons, that’s not entirely accurate. To complete these missions, users must log three walks in a single game. However, it must be done on All-Star difficulty or higher.

The reward for completing each of the two mystery missions is a Headliners Choice Pack.

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These goals will expire on August 30 at 3 pm ET.

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