Modern Warfare 2 could bring back Call of Duty’s worst villain

As the Modern Warfare 2 beta draws to a close, a new datamine from Activision and Infinity Ward FPS seems to suggest that the worst and most disgusting villain in perhaps the entire Call of Duty series could return when Modern Warfare launches. 2. The date comes October 28, along with a fan-favorite character being playable in a main CoD campaign for the first time.

Judging by the Modern Warfare 2 beta, despite some issues with the minimap, cheats, and the Dead Silence field update, the upcoming Call of Duty multiplayer experience is shaping up to be one of the best ever, especially given the new Invasion mode. Details about the campaign, however, remain scant. We know that Price, Soap, Gaz, and Ghost are returning to the Modern Warfare series, and as always, the story has something to do with stopping a terrorist organization that threatens the US Other than that, we have a lot of speculation and rumours. But a new Modern Warfare 2 datamine appears to provide stronger evidence of what to expect from the next CoD player. Potential spoilers abound.

A full list of playable characters, locations, and quest titles for Modern Warfare 2 has reportedly been acquired, with a couple of details that stand out especially. First off, in a mission, titled “Strike” and set in the fictional nation of Urzikstan, players will apparently control the legendary Simon “Ghost” Riley, who appeared in the original Modern Warfare 2, as well as Call of Duty: Mobile. and various CoD multiplayer offerings.

Don’t get too excited, though, as another mission title suggests that Ghost could meet the same tragic end it did in 2009: Set in Mexico, another Modern Warfare 2 mission is called “Backstabbed,” which is exactly what it sounds like. General Shepherd, the arch-villain voiced by Lance Henriksen, did to Ghost and Roach during the original MW2 mission “Loose Ends”. It could be that Shepherd returns. It could be that Ghost is killed again. It could be that Infinity Ward is going to reopen all those old wounds from 13 years ago. We hope not, but details captured by Insider Gaming certainly hint at the possibility. We will have to wait until October 28.

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In the meantime, as you prepare for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, check out our guide to the best weapons in the MW2 beta. You can also gear up with the best M4 loadout or, if you’re still wrapped up in Warzone, try out some of the best loadout drops for Season 5.

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