Moiraine Sedai will continue narrating the audiobooks of ‘The Wheel of Time’ for Amazon

Photo Jan Thijs/Amazon

At the last turn of the wheel, we have learned that the wheel of time actress Rosamund Pike will continue to narrate Amazon audiobooks for the Robert Jordan series.

Rosamund initially lent her voice to another reading of the eye of the world, which launched simultaneously with the first season of Prime Video’s live-action adaptation last year. Now, according to a Collider report, Pike will continue that effort with the big hunt Y the dragon rebornthe second and third novels in Jordan’s ambitious series that will also serve as source material for the second season of the television series.

The star herself has addressed the announcement in a new statement.

“’It’s a great honor to return to the series and shoot these next two books,’ he said. ‘The more I immerse myself in the world of the Wheel of Time, the more I love it. Anyone discovering these books for the first time has a gift in store… There is so much passion and detail in each character. I love the storytelling process and am in awe of this man’s imagination!’”

the big hunt The audiobook is expected to be released this August 7th, so we’re not going to go the whole year without new wheel of time content, after all. the dragon reborn is scheduled for next year, probably closer to the premiere date of the second season.

Pike has arguably always had a great voice for narrating audiobooks, and given the acclaim he received for narrating the eye of the world, no wonder Amazon asked for more. We can only hope that he continues that streak until the fourteenth and final novel, a memory of light.

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