Mom Hid My Game Devs Releases Minigame Collection, Tokyo Game Nou

Hap Inc., the independent Japanese developer behind Mom Hid My Game, has released a new mobile mini-collection called Tokyo Game Nou for iOS and Android devices. The collection consists of three games: Rojo Fighter (a fighting game), Lost Ball (a golf game), and Order (a court game).

True to the style of the Hap games, the three mini-games are extremely simple, to the point of hilarity.

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In Rojo Fighter, you only have two moves: back dodge and punch. Your opponent has the same move set, so they’re basically two jerky animated characters leaning back and forth. Surprisingly, it’s a bit difficult to KO your opponents as the timing of the two buttons is hard to figure out.

Lost Ball is equally simple: you have to tap to hit a golf ball towards the target hole. If you get it wrong and miss enough and lose, a chicken will mistake your golf ball for an egg and sit on it.

The order, the court game, is quite surprising. While Lost Ball and Rojo Fighter are directly related to what their names imply, Order is more surreal. You play as a judge banging the judgment gavel in a game of whack-a-mole. If he successfully hits them in sequential order, they sing Joy to the World.

The games are free to download, but be aware that ads appear regularly.

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