More than 1,000 Nintendo Switch games on sale with a new campaign: these are our 11 highlights

The ‘Nintendo eShop Promotion’ offers up to 75% discount on a good assortment of deliveries.

Nintendo Switch is enjoying a great time. The last nintendo direct It has left us with very exciting surprises, such as the official name of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the presentation of Pikmin 4 or the return of Kirby with a new game. In short, the Big N is preparing many games for the coming months, but it also invites us to liven up the wait with games already released on the market.

And how can we enjoy these experiences? Well, with a new sales campaign. With the name of Nintendo eShop Promotionthe Japanese company offers up to 75% discount in more than 1,000 games for Nintendo Switch, which gives us the opportunity to search for bargains in the digital store. Of course, it is important to bear in mind that these prices will remain until the next October 2nd.

More than 1,000 Nintendo Switch games on sale with a new campaign: these are our 11 highlights

As usual in this house, we have compiled some of the offers that have most caught our attention. However, we insist that you visit the Nintendo Switch eShop if you want to be aware of all the discounts offered during this campaign.

  • Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection for 24.99 euros (before 49.99 euros). We are going a little price, but in reality we are facing three video games (Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed: The Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations where you can enjoy of the complete journey of Ezio Auditore.
  • Blasphemous for 6.24 euros (before 24.99 euros). Nintendo’s campaign gives us a great opportunity to play one of the most acclaimed titles from the Spanish developer The Game Kitchen. With a deeply religious theme, we will have to travel through the territory of Cvstodia and discover the origin of a terrible curse.
  • Cities Skylines: Nintendo Switch Edition for 9.99 euros (before 39.99 euros). Those who are passionate about strategy and resource management shouldn’t lose sight of games like Cities Skylines, which with its Nintendo Switch version allow us to build the city of our dreams and take it anywhere.
  • Child of Light for 4.99 euros (before 19.99 euros). Child of Light is one of those beautiful examples of alternative proposals that Ubisoft had a few years ago. Between bets on a second installment, and with this price, it may be worth spending a few hours on it.
  • Conarium for 4.99 euros (before 19.99 euros). On Nintendo Switch you can also enjoy great horror adventures, and this one in particular leads us to immerse ourselves in a story inspired by At the Mountains of Madness by writer HP Lovecraft.
  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen for 9.89 euros (before 29.99 euros). Taking into account that Dragon’s Dogma will return with a new game, it is worth learning about the origins of this fantasy license with the definitive version of Dark Arisen, which includes all the paid DLCs published for the original installment.
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising for 19.79 euros (before 59.99 euros). Ubisoft has jumped into the pool with a completely new adventure that revisits the theme of Greek mythology to offer brutal challenges and unparalleled exploration.
  • INSIDE for 1.99 euros (before 19.99 euros). One of the independent video games that has captivated us the most at 3DJuegos, now you can get hold of it for just two euros and enjoy a somber adventure that won’t leave you indifferent.
  • Overcooked! 2 for 6.24 euros (before 24.99 euros). Nintendo Switch is one of the best devices to enjoy with friends and family at home, and without a doubt Overcooked! 2 is one of those titles where laughter in company is more than guaranteed.
  • Sonic Mania for 9.99 euros (before 19.99 euros). In a few weeks there will be a new installment in the Sonic universe, but if a video has managed to reunite with the public of followers of SEGA’s blue hedgehog, it is this Sonic Mania, now at half price.
  • Worms Rumble for 1.49 euros (before 14.99 euros). This risky bet by Team17 with the Worms saga has not had the best luck in the world, but for a euro and a half, perhaps you should give its intense real-time action arena a chance.

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