‘Mortal Kombat 2’ Will Address Fan Concerns And Criticisms Of The First Film

2021 Mortal Kombat It was good, but not great. The movie reboot of NetherRealm Studios’ hit fighting game franchise delivered on its promises of recreating bloody deaths and bringing the game’s colorful cast of ninjas, special forces soldiers, and monsters to life, but it stumbled in other areas.

One of the most perplexing decisions was that of Lewis Tan’s new hero, Cole Young. Tan is no slouch when it comes to martial arts, but Mortal Kombat has so many iconic characters, it’s a head scratcher why they needed to come up with a boring lead specifically for this movie. So what is going to change in the upcoming sequel? mortal kombat 2?

moon knight Writer Jeremy Slater is penning the script and briefly discussed his plans in a new interview with Discussing Film. When asked for an update, Slater confirmed that they paid attention to the fan reaction from last year:

“I can’t really share any details about it, but we want to do something that the fans will love and I think it’s a great creative team. They’ve been listening to fan reactions and know what fans loved about the first movie and what they didn’t. Everyone is gearing up creatively to make a sequel that surpasses the original in every way. We’re still very early in the process, but fans should be very excited. It will be amazing.”

He also said that it was very nice to go from PG-13 moon knight to R rating Mortal Kombat, saying “it’s fun to go in there and pull out some thorns. I have the best job in the world.”

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We already know that Johnny Cage will be joining the party for the next movie and that Warner Bros. is still looking at this as part of an ongoing martial arts saga that will continue afterward. mortal kombat. We should also expect to explore Outworld in any sequel, with Raiden set to assemble a new team of warriors to take down the interdimensional warlord Shao Khan.

Beyond that, we’re desperately hoping to get more Kano from Josh Lawson. Lawson was the best of the first movie by some distance, and while Sonya apparently killed him, he doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to resurrect a guy who’s part cyborg.

Mortal Kombat is available to stream on HBO Max. More on the sequel as we heard it.

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