Moviegoers name and shame the movies that started off well before falling off a cliff

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Taking the old soccer adage and transferring it to the big screen, cinema can often be a two-way game. In the best cases you get something like From dusk to dawn; which starts off as a standard crime thriller before morphing into a wacky vampire western. On the other side of the equation, history has produced many titles that started off strong, only to end up falling off a cliff.

There are few more disappointing and frustrating experiences for movie fans than being intrigued, engrossed, and thrilled by the events unfolding before their eyes, only to watch it all turn to dust while the back half turns to pure, unadulterated bullshit. . That may be overly descriptive, but that’s the gist of the conversation that’s been going on on Reddit.

brian palm Mission Impossible is a controversial place to start for sure, but Will Smith Hancock coming right after hits the nail right on the head. A subversive superhero story about a neglectful alcoholic who could destroy or save the world if he wanted to, by the time the credits rolled we were talking about just another costumed crime-fighting story.

The last act of madness by Luc Besson Lucy is another fair point, with James Mangold’s generic CGI climax Badger Another excellent scream, but at least the filmmaker managed to redeem himself with the incredible Logan. Not everything is Danny Boyle Sunshine and roses, but great talk is being made about movies that flushed their own goodwill down the toilet.

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