Ms. Marvel continues work on Falcon and the Winter Soldier

One of the key aspects mrs wonder Producers, directors, writers and the audience of the show have wanted to highlight how the show deals with Muslim representation, however, beyond the cultural nuances that make Kamala Khan such a unique hero, how society begins to see this new member of the MCU also defines a lot about the series, just like it did for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Needless to say Falcon and the Winter Soldier the themes expand far beyond this, as the series’ other focus is the severe toll PTSD takes on human and superhuman heroes, yet Sam Wilson’s journey is really where it intersects perfectly. with mrs wonder. Sam fights to take up the mantle of Captain America not only because of the burden of succeeding Steve Rogers, but also because of decades-old prejudice that Kamala will likely encounter as well.


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Marvel Law Enforcement

One of the most iconic moments throughout the entirety of TFATWS comes when Bucky and Sam meet the police and the last Avenger is asked for his identification, although the situation does not go much further, it perfectly represents how different the police see the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, mainly because of the color of your skin. This is just one of many scenes created to highlight Sam’s run-ins with institutions that have discriminated against people of color (such as banks), not necessarily because of people doing their jobs, but because of their core design, philosophy and long standing practices

In mrs marvel In this case, the United States Department of Damage Control has been chosen to fulfill this role, since the federal institution takes the lead from the first episode as one of Kamala’s possible antagonists. While the underground djinns may have been revealed to be the true villains, the series also shows a stark difference between how the DODC clamps down on Spider-Man in no way home vs. the nice Muslim neighborhood girl who is “Night Light”.

When Zoe Zimmer is first questioned by Agents Cleary and Deever, the DODC puts into practice its best practices of racial profiling and also reminds the audience that targeting a potential threat within a Muslim community must be easier because such people are already under close surveillance by default. . After the DODC raid on mrs marvel third episode, it will be interesting to see if the Clandestino receive the same treatment as Peter Parker and company, or if their rights to due process and a Reckless lawyer are mistreated.

The scene featuring Sheikh Abdullah and Nakia in the mosque is another example of this, as the authorities do not appear to be as willingly restrained by the law as they would be with other suspects. Soon, mrs wonder may have a lot of cosmic MCU homework to do before the wondersHowever, it is quite clear that the series does not fall short when it comes to portraying social problems.

What mrs wonder Can he learn from other MCU heroes?

Sam Wilson’s crowning moment as Captain America comes in the series finale, when he confronts the world with a pretty harsh reality: that so many people would love to see a black American icon fail. As strange as it seems, mrs wondera show that has been relentlessly bombarded by reviews manages to reflect that same narrative even better in the real world, as audiences in the US show a more diverse demographic tuning in to watch.

Note that mrs wonder It’s probably more inspired by teenage motives, rather than her obvious desire to provide satisfying representation for Muslim and South Asian minorities, but that doesn’t mean she can’t start learning the same lessons Sam did. As Kamala has to live up to the expectations society places on superheroes and those of her family, her character arc seems perfectly designed to end with similar moments where her powers finally lead Ms. Marvel to vindicate their cultural background in front of the cameras.

At the same time, his relationship with Sheikh Abdullah offers the potential to establish something similar to what Matt Murdock’s relationship Reckless had with Father Lantom, a wiser religious figure he can trust for advice, one who understands what it’s like to act on behalf of a marginalized community. This is particularly likely now that episode 3 ended with Kamala having to face her family’s past.

Given that even Kamala’s crush Kamran has been captured by the DODC, the possibility that Ms. Marvel will have to fight the authorities in some way, or at least convince them that not everyone they see as a threat is the same, it seems almost immovable. . Naturally, the tone that the show uses to address the issues should be different from the militarized ones. Falcon and Winter Soldier used, however, mrs wonder it creates the opportunity to send a similar message to the younger audience the show is targeting, perhaps with the same visual flair and the same flair with which it stands out from the rest of the MCU.

mrs wonder is currently available on Disney Plus

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