Ms. Marvel emphasizes the importance of family in the MCU

The following article contains minor spoilers for Episode 3 of Ms. Marvel.

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far has put a lot of emphasis on family and togetherness, and the latest offering mrs wonder is no different. From the beginning, Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan has been surrounded by family and close friends, with each character playing an important role in her life. It’s rare to see a superhero in the MCU surrounded by so much love, and mrs wonder drives home the message that not all heroes need to have tragic backstories.


In the first minutes of the mrs wonder premiere episode, a family dynamic is established between the Khans. Mohan Kapur’s Yusuf is a witty father who potentially has a treasure trove of dad jokes, Zenobia Shroff’s Muneeba is the strict mother, and Saagar Shaikh’s Aamir is Kamala’s brotherly ally in the corner. Outside of his family, he has his best friends Bruno Carrelli from Matt Lintz and Nakia Bahadir from Yasmeen Fletcher. It seems like your average coming-of-age story for a teenage girl living in New Jersey, until she, of course, manages to unlock some superpowers.

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The family is an important aspect of the life of any individual, and mrs wonder take note of reality. So far, the show has captured family relationships beautifully, and every interaction between any of the family members is relatable to audiences. It’s a bonus that the series has also been able to weave Kamala’s cultural background into many of the conversations, and audience members with similar demographics will be able to relive many of their memories of her just by looking at the characters on screen. The Khan family was shown to be a big part of Kamala’s life in the comics, and it’s great to see how Marvel Studios brought the relationships to life in Mrs. Marvel.

In the last episode of mrs wonder, there are several cases in which the importance of the family is emphasized. Aamir and Tyesha get married, and like many romantic comedies, the groom is seen having a cold moment right before the nuptials. At this point, his father Yusuf enters the room and Aamir reveals the source of his concerns, the fact that he only has “$732.49 worth of money.” [his] checking account.” Yusuf’s monologue that follows this reveal is about love and family, and a moment of clarity for both Aamir and Kamala. “The man who chooses family is never alone,” he says. Various other Marvel projects have shown the respective members of the hero family and highlighted the importance of these characters, but saying it in those words confirms that mrs wonder has decided to make family a priority for the MCU’s latest hero.

Another scene that stands out in the episode is a conversation between Kamala and her mother Muneeba. The latter talks about her struggles when she moved from Pakistan to the US, something all immigrant families can relate to. She confesses that she had to seek solace in the mosque and her new friends, but more importantly, she “found [her] It’s heartwarming to see that it was her family that got her through a difficult time in her life, even though she was in a foreign country, unable to speak the language, all while raising two young children. whatever mountain you face, you don’t have to do it alone,” he tells Kamala, reminding her that she also has a family she can trust.

It’s refreshing to see such positive role models in the life of a young hero in the MCU. It reiterates the fact that heroes can also have loving homes. Both scenes will remind viewers of the interactions between Peter Parker and Aunt May or Uncle Ben. Both figures played huge roles in Spider-Man’s life, and Kamala’s family seems to be doing the same for her. Even if they don’t agree on everything, or always agree, Kamala has a safety net that she can fall back on if things get out of hand. Although Kamala doesn’t tell her family about her use of the bracelet and her mysterious powers at the end of Episode 3, it’s obvious that they will support her when they finally find out. Of course, Muneeba could pick on Kamala before that.

Incorporate this family dynamic into mrs wonder it also makes the series more relatable to a broader audience. For those who don’t understand cultural references or religious nuances, seeing family members interact is close enough to reality. Many people watching, regardless of demographics, would have possibly dealt with similar parental restrictions at the age of 16, experienced sibling rivalry where one child is the parent’s favorite, or had to cry on a member’s shoulder. family in a time of crisis. .

In some of Marvel’s other Disney Plus series, family has also been an important aspect. For example, Wanda’s entire trip in Wanda Vision it came from his family. She creates an entire fictional world in Westview just so she can be closer to Vision and her children, Billy and Tommy. Losing them leads her to the Darkhold and total chaos in Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. She is willing to kill anyone who stands in her way to achieve a life with her children. While she could have been the villain of the movie, many fans sympathized with her and understood her motives. Hawk Eye is another example of family ties, with Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton constantly trying to get home for Christmas, just so he can celebrate with his wife and kids.

These aspects of Marvel shows make them universal, while also making the heroes more human at the same time. Kamala may be learning to deal with her powers, but she is still a teenager who must make decisions in her day to day and whose pain affects those who love her. mrs wonder It’s been the perfect show so far for families to watch together, almost encouraging parents to have a conversation with their young children about the decisions they make on a daily basis. Many would say that it is a superhero show and should focus on Kamala’s powers. But it is in these moments of family interactions that fans can connect with the hero and understand his life. Disney Plus’ weekly format gives Marvel the luxury of exploring the lives of the heroes in much more detail compared to the movies, and mrs wonder has done absolute justice to the runtime of every episode so far.

mrs wonder is streaming on Disney Plus.

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