Ms. Marvel’s Matt Lintz Could Have Been The MCU Spider-Man

Ms. Marvel star Matt Lintz reveals he came very close to being the MCU’s Spider-Man before Tom Holland landed the coveted role.

The Walking Dead star Matt Lintz just made his official MCU debut with the highly anticipated release of Disney Plus’ mrs wonder. However, Lintz himself recently revealed that he almost landed the role of Spider-Man before Tom Holland was cast.

mrs wonder follows the titular heroine of Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager living in New Jersey. Kamala identifies as a loner and, as a result, a huge fan of superheroes in all facets. Whether it’s cosplaying her favorite heroes for conventions, writing her own fan-fiction, or enjoying comics for hours, Kamala is as much a fan of Marvel as the viewers watching at home. Kamala struggles to feel like she belongs with her peers due to her two different and polarized cultures, for fear of flaunting her duality in high school, an environment highly suited to stereotypes. Fortunately for Kamala, she is not completely alone. Lintz plays Kamala’s tech best friend and partner in crime, Bruno Carrelli. he was informed by Well-informed person that when its time on The Walking Dead came to an end, he decided to focus all his attention on going back to school.


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However, when the opportunity arose to audition for mrs wonder It came his way, he couldn’t refuse. mrs wonder it was actually the first show he had agreed to audition for since the hit AMC drama concluded. Lintz has had a long-time dream of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which he started when he auditioned for the famous role of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, in 2015. The Walking Dead Apparently, the actor was one of the top three actors seriously considered for the iconic hero, along with Tom Holland and Charlie Plummer.

Obviously, the role ended up falling to Holland, who made his first appearance as Spider-Man in 2016. Captain America: Civil War. During mrs wonderAt the recent virtual press conference, Lintz clarified that he doesn’t have any bitter feelings about not getting the part because he was finally able to make it onto the MCU scene anyway. Lintz even shared that she met Holland while she was on the set of the new Marvel series. He said: “It was great because he ended up coming to one of our sets one day and I got to talk to him. I admire him in many ways. He is an amazing person and an actor. It seems that life has come full circle.

Although the character of Lintz does not possess any powers of her own, she possesses a multitude of inner knowledge and wisdom that assists Kamala throughout her journey in mrs wonder. Lintz ultimately made the difficult decision to postpone going back to school in order to devote all of his energy to the show.

mrs wonder now streaming on Disney Plus.

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Source: Insider

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